Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News!! Volume One...

I have news!!!
I have lots of news!!
I have so much news that this is Volume One of the News!

I'll be on BlogTalk Radio!!!!
On Monday, Nov. 29th at 7pm CST, I'll be joining Duncan Metzger of The Healing Loft to discuss Discovering Your Inner Fairy: Unleashing Your Creativity! Much will be talked about including some of my creative process in creating the jewelry and mixed-media art.
I'm excited and a little nervous!

Please consider joining me!

Monday, November 15, 2010

OOOOoooo!!! LOOK!!

"What a Steamship Mechanic Wears to the Ball" is on the front page of Eye of Horus' webpage and is featured in the announcement about the Artisan Fair!!
The Artisan Fair is December 12th at the Eye!
There will be other fabulous artists and craftsfolk at the Fair so click on the link and check it out!


Friday, November 12, 2010


Is this blog entry about the musical? Did I wear a cat costume for Halloween?
Well, no. But the entry is about the actual honest-to-goodness four-legged creatures we call cats. I spent much of the last weekend of October taking turns cat-sitting while friends were out of town. One of those two cats was a kitten named Nano. If that name sounds familiar, then you may recall a tiny little kitten who needed a good, warm home as our Northern Minnesota winter approached. And so she found one!! It was good to see her again!
She is healthy and has grown just a little wee bit!
In honor of Nano and all the mischievous kitties out there, I present a new pair of earrings!

Title: A Likely Story

So, About the Show....

I realized that I neglected to tell you-all about my time at BellaLuna's OctoberFaire/Full Moon Festival, which was near the end of October. I love working with Gail and Satail, co-owners of BellaLuna! The show was a smaller, intimate affair of other artists and integrative health practitioners such as masseuses, Reiki Energy workers and so forth. It was my pleasure to meet Heidi of Wldflwr Design , who was my room-mate for the show-literally! She and I were in the same room, with other artists arranged in little hallway alcoves and other rooms. Heidi is a fellow jewelry artist and a fellow imaginative soul. I'm pleased to announce that Sprite Creations will be partnering with Wldflwr Designs to throw a little Winter Holiday bash from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, Dec. 18th! This will be a fun little soiree of fabulous jewelry and sparkling company all in a gracious, comfortable setting! Mark the date on your calendar and I'll send more details about the location soon!
Here are a few photos below of a few of Heidi's necklaces with complimentary Sprite Creations earrings!

So awesome!

Besides meeting a wonderful bunch of artists, their friends and family, being immersed in the wonderful, positive energy; one of my creations that has traveled with me a while has found it's person!
The Green Fairy was four years (!) in the creating and has traveled to many shows with me. At the Octoberfaire/Full Moon Festival, she was finally united with her person, Satail. Satail was kind enough to grant permission for photos of herself and the Green Fairy.
And here they are!

I think they are both glowing with happiness, don't you?