Friday, December 30, 2011

Fini Friday! Studio ReOrg!

Hello Everyone!!
I hope this blog post finds you well and preparing to celebrate the ending and beginning of a year! That's what I'm doing! This post is about sharing a bit of studio life. One of the things I'm doing during these winter months and also as a clearing out and creating a-new is re-organizing the studio in little waves and baby steps. I began with just noticing what is irritating or just not working enough so that it saps my creative juices. I think there is always more of those than anyone cares to admit *grin*, especially since I tend to make a bit of a mess while I create! Next was looking around at what I have and pondering how those things are working for me... how they might work better.... how they might need to be moved out and so forth. After mulling over good ideas and suggestions from a trusted partner, I've made some changes!

I wanted a space that works for me, but also includes a new accoutrement (dolphin plasma lamp!!!!!) I picked up (click here if you're uncertain what I'm talking about...) recently.

This is one side of the space behind my desk and the reorganization is done (for now). This is where most of my tools that I use less often reside. These include my doming set, my Dremel (and bits), tools for polymer clay, paints and so on. You can see reference materials underneath including trade catalogs and that fabulous dolphin lamp just off to the side! A scanner is just on the edge there, with my Nerf gun and ammo (of course!) within easy reach!

This is the table directly behind my desk and is in mid-reorg! This will be an additional work/creation space. Most of what you see here are various beads and materials waiting to be sorted into their homes or into their next creation.
I've hardly ever had a problem with ideas for creations, so my re-organizing and much of my studio processes are focused on smoothly sorting and storing creations and materials in various stages of completion. This is to encourage me to move these bits of art along the continuum to finished, whether finished is declared when the creation is complete, when it is farther along, yet awaiting a few final embellishments or (far more rarely), when it is time to let an idea go and recapture the materials into other creations.

Which provides a fabulous segue to the final photo!

These are what I've dubbed my Creation Cabinets! All of the creations in their various stages of done-ness either are or will be in these soon. I'll have them labelled and will literally move them up from the bottom in terms of priority, which will include how-close-are-they-to-done status.
So! There you have it, a quick romp around the studio with a little bit of what-I'm-up-to thrown in for good measure!

However you celebrate the coming of a new year, Have Fun! Be Safe!
See you in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Faeries, A Plasma Lamp and Walkabout!

Hello Everyone!
I took a little time to go on Walkabout today and collected some nifty things along the way! I trust you'll see the whimsy towards the bottom of this post, if not before! Let's start with a photo of some of my findings and I'll explain from there!

I loved the wonderfully warm colour of this bracelet and intend to weave wire (and perhaps other things!) through it to embellish it and make it truly a Sprite Creation! The green basket you see the two pairs of earrings suspended from is another object that I acquired today! I think it is a fabulously fairie accent and hope to use it much more for the purpose of that which you see here! A display!!!
Let me take a moment here to note that the pair of earrings on the left are titled "Fairy Cloak", whilst the ones on the right are "A Window Into A Fire Sprite's World" and both are conveniently available for adoption in my Etsy shoppe! Shiny!

The second photo is the plasma lamp alluded to in this blog entry's title! It is in the shape of a dolphin and I intend to place it in my studio! The timing on this find is perfect as I'm intending to use these winter months to re-envision and re-organize my studio and I'm sensing that the overall theme growing into fruition will be "Faerie Mad-Scientist Lab/Studio"!

Isn't that just awesome??? Woohooo!!!!
So!! I'll see you on Friday, yes? YES!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fini Friday! Merry!

Hello Everyone!!!
I've been out and about doing the last little bits of shopping for Winter Holiday celebrations this weekend and picked up a little bit of loot for the studio as well!!

I'm going to pause here before showing you those shinies to let you know that I've listed a few more creations in my Etsy shoppe! Do you remember this post? I've listed Celebration In A Twinkling from that post, as well as one other pair of earrings just now. So! If these strike your fancy, click on over and adopt them!
P.S. It is too late for these to arrive before Christmas, especially since I will be on the interwebs only infrequently this weekend (for obvious reasons), so please keep that in mind!

OK!! Onward to the loot!!!

Don't these sparkle and shine??? These are all Swarovski crystals!!! I love the vibrant, soft colours and the flower and butterfly shapes!! They remind me of Spring!! Wheeeee!!!

And now, let me take a moment to wish you all a MERRY! whatever Winter Holiday you celebrate! May your holidays be filled with beauty, joy, wonder and love!
And with that, here is a photo of my Christmas tree, complete with presents!!!
I have 2 favorite parts of Christmas/Yule... finding the perfect gift for a loved one and seeing the happy expressions on that loved one's face when they open that perfect gift! So you can imagine that a tree filled underneath with gifts is a warm, happy sight to me!

See you next week!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!! Guitar Piks and... Aliens!?!

Hello Everyone!!
I've had fun playing with some more unusual materials today and can't wait to show you what has grown out of this!!
I noticed a fellow artist who created necklaces and bracelets from alien head guitar piks a month or so ago and wanted to try it for myself!!! So! I found some alien head guitar piks (that glow in the dark!!!!), pierced them and played!
Here! Let me show you!

Title: AlienNation
Ingredients: Glow in the Dark Alien Head Guitar Piks, anodized aluminum, silver-plated surgical steel earwires(hypo-allergenic)

I flipped one of the earrings over so you can see the writing on the back.. it says "Roswell crash site".

I was important to me to keep the practical application of the guitar pik and so let's see how I did that with the bracelet below!
Title: Sightings
Ingredients: Ingredients: Glow in the Dark Alien Head Guitar Piks, Glow in the Dark Star Mood Bead, leather (dyed with lead-free dye, USA), sterling silver, anodized aluminum, lead-free pewter, gunmetal.

The guitar pik is suspended by a lobster-claw clasp and from the big orange ring. This means that the pik can be removed from the clasp and used to play, then simply reattached to the lobster claw! The same clasp is used to secure the bracelet to the wrist. The two beads you see near the knots surrounding the mood bead with the stars are free to move from near the mood bead to the sterling silver cord ends. I love weaving motion into my creations and so I was able to do that here!

Look for these in my Etsy shoppe by the end of this week!
See you Friday!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fini Friday! Wrenches, Crystals and Angels!

Hello Everyone!!
It's Friday!!! As you can guess by the blog title, I have an unusual batch of creations to show you today! This is part of what I love about what I create here at Sprite Creations... the diversity of materials and styles and techniques I get to play with! Wheee!!!
Ok!! First up! The wrenches!
Titles: As yet unknown
Ingredients: metal, silver-plated surgical steel earwires.

These are Custom Creations created for a friend of mine, who is a fellow motorcyclist (he would 'biker!).
I think they are just awesome!

Next up! Crystals and Snowmen!
Title: As yet unknown
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals (including vintage crystals), lead-free pewter, German wire, silver-plated surgical steel earwires.

All the shiny-ness that you see here are Swarovski crystals and the brilliant center shinies are vintage Swarovksi crystals! They remind me so much of big snowflakes... with the little beads reminiscent of snowballs!

Last and certainly not least...Angels!
Title: As yet unknown
Ingredients: 'sea opal' glass, lead-free pewter, Czech glass, antiqued copper wire, silver-plated surgical steel earwires.

So there we are! This will likely be all to be seen for Winter Holiday themed creations as a Sprite's World includes all seasons! Look for these in my Etsy shoppe on Monday!

P.S.There is one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Glitter and Squinkies!

Hello Everyone!! Welcome back to my blog!!! It's Wednesday of this week already!!! I've been a bit under the weather lately so things have been progressing much more slowly than I'd care for!! I'll continue to fill my Etsy shoppe with new creations throughout December and into the New Year, so feel free to check back there often! If you follow me on Twitter or are a Fan of Sprite Creations on Facebook, I usually send out a notification when new creations are published so look for those! Ok! Now on to the newest shinies! First, the Squinkies!!! I have a small herd of Squinkies that are slowly growing into creations! Once these are done, I'm not likely to create more with them, so these are, quite literally, limited editions! Title: Stepping Out Ingredients: Moose Squinkies (Rubber), Bali silver, Czech glass, metal, silver-plated surgical steel earwires.

Title: Just Horsin' Around
Ingredients: Seahorse Squinkies (Rubber), Bali silver, Czech glass, metal, silver-plated surgical steel earwires

And one last bit of whimsy before we adjourn until Friday! I have loot to show you!!! Recently, one of the kinds folks visiting with me in my booth at a show mentioned that there were mega-collections of fairy dust (also known as glitter to some) to be found out and about! I was successful in hunting and gathering this fabulous horde of wonder and now I have share the glitter-wonder with you-all!!!

Isn't that a feast for the eyes?
Whee!!!! Now! On to Friday!!!!! See you then!!!
P.S.There is one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fini Friday! It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ....

We'll just call them Winter Holidays!!!
Hello Everyone!
I love the bustle of warmth and caring folks gathering to celebrate with friends and family during this time and so I wish a MERRY! to everyone, regardless of what your celebration is called or how it is celebrated! Thank you for joining me this Holiday Season!

I have Winter Holiday shinies to show you! I've been playing with hand-colouring and hand-painting resin on more bits and bobs and charms and it has been so much fun!!!!
Let me show you!!!

Title: Rockin' Good Time
Ingredients: Hand-coloured resin(Non-toxic) hand-painted on lead-free pewter(USA), Swarovski crystals, antiqued copper wire, silver-plated surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).

See the red? Yup! That's the resin! Aren't those horses marvelous???!!!

Next up!
Title: Celebration in a Twinkling!
Ingredients: Hand-coloured resin(Non-toxic) hand-painted on lead-free pewter(USA), Swarovski crystals, colored copper wire, silver-plated surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).

And!!! For all children big and small... I offer another Squinkie creation!
Title: Seal of Approval
Ingredients: Squinkie seals, coloured copper wire, silver-plated surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).

All of these will be available at the The Women's Art Festival this weekend and also next week in my Etsy Shoppe!

And there is one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Mobile Studio!!

Hello Everyone!!!
I have some fun things to share with you today! I was out and about on Walkabout today and decided to spend some time at a local coffee shop with my mobile studio! There was both computer and adornment creation "work" to be done and so I packed both, figuring I could switch from one to the other as mood and inspiration decided. I'm so pleased with a thrift store find that I used for the first time and on this adventure!! I'm not sure what it was designed for.. though my guess is perhaps a sample or printer/toner business bag, since it has oodles of pockets and pouches and zippers and combination locks and handles on 2 sides and etc. It was definitely made to be durable and I love the telescoping handle and rugged wheels! It fit all of my mobile studio accoutrements plus my computer, files, pens and etc.! YAY!
Ok... enough with geeking out about the perfect bag/tool.. I'll just show you what it looks like!

And here is my mobile office, where I set-up shop for a good portion of the day....

Please note the lovely, lovely sunshine!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!
I accomplished much during my hours in that comfy chair in the aforementioned sunlight and it was a good day! ... Especially since Chai tea was involved!

And now, to finish off this post, let me show you my latest, newest completed creation!!

Title: Gita's Jewels
Ingredients: hand-painted with hand-coloured resin (Non-toxic) elephants (lead-free pewter ((USA)), Czech glass, German silver wire, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic, silver-plated).

I've been playing with hand-colouring resin and painting it on various objects and I'm so pleased that these turned out so well!!! I love the subtle match of the resin colouring the elephant's adornments with the centre colour of the glass "jewel" beads!

Before I leave you until Fini Friday, remember my final show for this year is The Women's Art Festival!

And there is one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fini Friday! Calling All Geeks!

Hello Hello!
Well, here it is! A quick post before finishing preparations for the Holiday Geek Expo!
I have some ensemble photos to show you of some of the newest shinies you'll see this weekend if you join us for the Expo!

First, the left side of our ensemble, full of our cast of creations!

And then the right...

And finally, the entire cast...

What do we have here? A USB flash drive, brooches, a mood necklace, earcuffs, and earrings, oh my!

Hope to see you this weekend at the Holiday Geek Expo or, after that, visiting my Etsy shoppe and The Women's Art Festival!

Also! I have one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Whimsical and Geeky!

Hello Everyone!! Just a short Whimsy Wednesday post as today has been a whirlwind of activity!!!
I'm ramping up on creating with computer keys and all things Geek for the Holiday Geek Expo this Saturday and Sunday!!!

Here is a little of the new shinies you will find there!

Title: as yet unknown
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal, hand-finished brass, Czech glass, acrylic, metal, surgical steel earwires (silver-plate)

Title: Lighten Up
Ingredients: Sterling Silver earcuff, anodized aluminum, repurposed computer key

Titles: as yet known
Ingredients: Glass, anodized aluminum, metal, cord.

So, tune in on Friday for the final peek at what you'll see this weekend at the Holiday Geek Expo or, after that, in my Etsy shoppeand The Women's Art Festival!

Also! I have one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fini Friday! Shopping, Squinkies and More!

Hello Everyone!
It is Friday and I have been out on Walkabout shopping on Black Friday for the first time in my adult life! I am not really a Black Friday shopping-sort of person, as there is no material thing I need to purchase for someone that badly. However, a good friend of mine convinced me to go with her and we always have fun together. That and it was understood that we absolutely did not leave the house before 8:30am. The tipping point came when an offer of chai tea was made and I was accepted the mission!! I am happy to say that I have made great strides on my Winter Holiday shopping, we had a lot of fun and I have shinies to show you!

And with that, here is a photo of some of the loot I brought home with me!

I was able to acquire lots of nifty antiqued brass chain (undoubtedly some is steel and some is bass metal) that just beg to grow into Steampunk goodness. The brightly coloured creatures are Squinkies! Yes! More Squinkies!! I had so much fun with the first small batch that I created with that I decided to revisit Squinkie-ness and create with more of them! I'm betting that this is about as far as I'm going to go in terms of investing in them, so I'm intrigued to see what they grow into!
The golden circles you see in the center-left are actually adjustable bracelets!!! I am excited about the possibilities with these! I could stamp, wire-wrap, glue old paper or various ephemera and seal with resin and so much more!! YAY!! I love having nifty materials to play with!

I also have nifty finished creations to show you! Below is a photo of completed wire-wrapped rings, some with beads and some with vintage buttons as the focal(s).

These don't yet have titles and I will remedy that soon! Look for these and more creations to be added to my Etsy shoppe over the weekend!

Speaking of weekends, before I finish this post so we can all start our weekend, let me draw your attention to my event schedule for the rest of the year! (Isn't it strange to think of it that way???!!!)
Holiday Geek Expo and The Women's Art Festival! And I have one more BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!
And now, I give you...The Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GratitudeWhimsy Wednesday! Royal Crayon Artwork and Abundance!

Welcome to the day before the American Holiday of Thanksgiving and a few days before Winter Holidays shopping really takes off!
I'll be filling up my
Etsy shoppe over the coming days as well as attending my two remaining events of the year: Holiday Geek Expo and The Women's Art Festival!
I've lots of new designs and ideas laid out in the studio, so stay tuned for the latest creations and perhaps a deal or two in the offering!!!

I've a rather imaginary and whimsical creation to show you right out of the gate today! The idea for this design has been absolutely centered around the pendant, which I obtained from a fellow artist. It is lampwork glass, hand-made by an unknown artist, suspended by sterling silver wire. I love the simple, unrefined artistry of it and lo! the title of the creation was born!
Imagine, if you will, a small girl, in a futuristic yet Medieval/Renaissance time or place, doodling with crayons and creating her very own pendant with those crayons... perhaps she asks her favorite magician to turn her drawing to glass...perhaps she begs her Mother or Father to request the same from the court magician... however it occurs, this pendant is, most definitely, Her Majesty's Royal Crayon Artwork.
Threaded onto velvet ribbon and secured around the neck with golden accented (gold-plate) hearts within sterling silver hearts...with some adjustment so that it grows with her as she matures, this is a simply endearing creation!

Title: Her Majesty's Royal Crayon Artwork
Ingredients: Lampwork glass pendant, sterling silver, velvet ribbon, metal.

This last creation is a pendant that echoes the simple theme above, yet is stunning for all that! This elegant pendant has, at it's heart, the beautifully detailed turkey, solidly cast in sterling silver! Some North Native American legends call the Turkey "Night Eagle" and this astonishing likeness evokes that majesty! Our Turkey is surrounded by Swarovski crystal in gleaming Fall colors of Olivine, Mocca and Fire Opal and yet more sterling silver! The pendant would hang from a chain, cord or etc. as you see it suspended from the Forest Green ribbon.

Title: Abundance

Ingredients: Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals

This pendant carries with it the deeper meaning of a holiday of giving Thanks for the abundance of food and resources, particularly in staving off times of scarcity. The American holiday of Thanksgiving has always been one of offering gratitude for the abundance we have been blessed with. Whether those blessings are good food, excellent companions, abundant resources and so on, it is good to take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for all of it!
Let me take a moment here to elaborate on this. About three years ago, I left the corporate world to devote myself full-time to Sprite Creations. I had so many ideas and designs in my head that I felt could help the world be a better place through inspiring creativity and assisting people in creating the life they wanted. The years of retail and other industry experience would serve me well, and I was ready to be my own boss and create my own company and culture.
Creating everything from the mystical to Steampunk, Faerie to modern art and nearly everything in-between and with all manner of materials from resin to metal and old watch parts, upholstery trim, hand-dyed fiber, to wire, I strive to bring the truly one-of-a-kind to you. I focus on interweaving the eco-friendly throughout my processes and materials, which is why much of my office supplies and equipment are recycled or repurposed as well as my materials. I create my own components or purchase many of them directly from the artists who create them (many of whom reside in the USA).
All of the events I give my time and energy to have a secondary purpose such as celebrate diversity, support local schools, independent artists and art programs, independent businesses, and charities. Many folks can make jewelry. From the beginning, I created (and still create) the unusual, the meaningful and what most call Art. From the hand-written and hand-stamped story tags for each creation to the absolute attention to detail for each charm, or bead or pendant, it is easy to see the high standards I set for myself and my creations. Yet, it is important to send whimsy out into the world and so I attempt to intertwine playfulness into everything I create. As you move through this Holiday season and into the New Year, I Thank You for your support of me and Sprite Creations! I could not do this without you-all. Your support and travelling with me these years has made it possible for Sprite Creations to grow and even thrive in a rather turbulent time in our world.

Thank You.

And so! Here is wishing you all a Happy Day of Thanks! Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, please accept my gratitude and thanks for travelling with and supporting me on this journey that is Sprite Creations!

(Look for us on Facebook!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fini Friday! Bits and Miscellaneous...

Hello Everyone!!!
This is it, a brief, but important Fini Friday post before plunging into the last of preparations for tomorrow's show!! What's that, you say? You didn't know you could see the creations I'm about to show you in person? Well, You Can!!!
I will have these with me at the ArtsFest in North Branch (MN, USA) this Saturday, Nov. 19th from 9am to 4pm!
So, now you know where to find them tomorrow, let move on to the Shinies!!!

The first is a new Mood Bead creation using a mood bead with the Shangri-La design.
Title: Prayerful Mood
Ingredients: Shangri-La mood bead, recycled chain and link, copper-plated pewter (USA), metal bells.

The idea behind this was to create a prayerful or meditative piece. Shangri-La is often associated with Tibet and high Himalayan retreats and I often think of the prayer bells and toning when reminded of the Tibetian/Buddhist faith. I hand-tested the bells to make certain that they all tinkled in cheerful tones before incorporating them into this design!

The second creation centers around the sold sterling silver turkey pendant. Accented with Fall/Thanksgiving/Harvest colors of fiery reds&oranges, a rich grown and a mature green Swarovski crystals, this focal mixes metals, tones and textures perfectly!
Title: Giving Thanks
Ingredients: Sterling Silver (Turkey, clasp, beads&findings), Swarovski crystals, plated copper metal & pewter (USA).

At the bottom of this post, you'll find the poster for the Arts Fest at North Branch that will give you a little more information about the show. I'll be at Booth 5E in the Middle School and I hope to see you there!!!

But before I go, I'd like to interrupt this regularly scheduled resolution of this Fini Friday with very important information. Normally I don't post anything remotely political on my business pages here on the 'Net for obvious reasons. However, this deserves to be a special exception. Most of my business is based on the Internet and there is a Bill before both the US House and Senate that would violate our Freedom of the Press as guaranteed by our Constitution as well as make it far more difficult to do business online.
Here is the link, should you choose to follow it. It will help you find your Representatives, assuming you are a US citizen.
Thank you.

And now!!! Ciao!!! If I don't see you tomorrow, I'll see you next week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Fairy Hair Creations-It Begins!

Hello Everyone!!
It's Whimsy Wednesday and I have oodles of whimsical creations to show you!!
You might remember seeing the start of these creations last Fini Friday. They have now grown into completion and I'm so proud and pleased to be able to show them to you!!

First, I'd like to give you a little glimpse into my studio smack-dab in the middle of creation time! I paused mid-creation to take this photo because I was having so much fun with glitter that I was giggling to myself nearly the entire time!
Have a look-see!


Onward to the new shinies!!!
These all begin with rainbow-coloured barrettes (as you saw in Friday's photo) as the base and grew from there. There are eleven Hair Creations in all and the inspirations and style range from floral to ocean, Egyptian to Steampunk with funky and woodland thrown into the mix!

These are so new that they have not yet been named, so that must needs be remedied soon!!!
Rest assured that I will have these with me at the ArtsFest in North Branch (MN, USA) this Saturday, Nov. 19th from 9am to 4pm!
And speaking of that....Stop on by to see us and get a jump on your Winter Holiday shopping, while supporting independent artisans and craftspeople and their art!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fini Friday! Walkabouts and Fairy Hair Creations!

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to Fini Friday!!!
I've been a little quiet this week because I've spent a busy few days on Walkabout and so away from the computer and studio!
In keeping with the Fini Friday idea....I've a new batch of creations that are growing into completion to show you today! I'll also give you a peek at some of what I've collected on Walkabout at the end of the post!

So, I've been mulling over the suggestion from some of you about Fairy Hair Accessories. And I found that I liked the idea, but I waited until I could create something truly my own, truly unique and that would be truly a Sprite Creation! And now I've done just that!!

The fabric flowers you see there are part of the disassembled faux flower lei that I've had for years! The elastic holding it together has been dead for a while (you can see it and the plastic bits that were spacers between bunches of flowers at the top left of the photo), yet the flowers are still in good shape and I wanted to reuse them, if possible!

You can see, on the right, barrettes which are to be the base for the accessories. I loved the rainbow colors and glitter with which these were already adorned!
You also spy some bits and bobs of my glitter collection as well as some of the beads I'm pondering using to complete the hair creations! The vision is to include "just" "simple" barrettes as well as those with little flowers and leaves that can twine through the hair.
And finally, a glimpse of some of those flowers be-decked with glitter as well as a shot of the entire creation process so far!

I save nearly every thing I work with, in terms of materials, so I'm looking forward to using my scrap colored wire to add yet more color, texture and interest to these!
Stay tuned for the finished creations!

And now, that peep into my modest collection of things while on Walkabout!

Much of what you see here are materials I'll be using in upcoming Creations, however, the candle in the red tulle that can be seen at the top of the photograph is a goodie that I purchased while doing a little early Winter Holiday shopping! It is hand-made and scented with orange essential oil! Yum!

One more little note before you go on to your fabulous weekend...
Myself and Sprite Creations will be at the Arts Fest in North Branch (MN, USA) next Saturday, Nov. 19th from 10am to 4pm! Click on the link for more details! Stop on by to see us and get a jump on your Winter Holiday shopping, while supporting independent artists and their art!

Thanks for stopping by my little Fairy corner of the 'Web!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!! Out and About and More On Friday!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
Just a quick note here to let you know that I've been out on Walkabout today and will be tomorrow as well! I'll have all sorts of goodies to show you on Friday!!
See you then!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fini Friday! New Mood Creations!

Hello Everyone!!
It's FRIDAY!!!!
I'm packing up for the show tomorrow, but wanted to give you a few glimpses at the newest creations I'll have with me tomorrow!!
I wanted to more play time with those new mood beads and needed to create more finished creations with them, as many of the previous mood creations have been adopted! So!! Here we go!!

Title: An Opulent Mood
Ingredients: "Opulent Arches" Mood bead, Swarovski crystals, hand-finished brass, Czech glass, metal, lead-free pewter.

Mmmmmmmm.... Cobalt Blue Swarovski Crystals!!!!!

Title: Travelling Turtle Island
Ingredients: "Turtle Island" and "Rosy Posy" Mood beads, lead-free pewter, sterling silver, suede, anodized aluminum.

I love the turtle design on that center mood bead!! There are two turtles swimming around that bead, each with a different pose! Also, I love the legend of Turtle Island! In Native American lore, Turtle Island is the land masses of the Earth. Legend has it that humans live on the back of a great turtle who swims in the oceans of the Earth. So, we could be travelling Turtle Island as we go about our daily lives. The clasp reminds me so much of spiral galaxies... of which our Milky Way is one. So, our Turtle Island is travelling around our galaxy, too!! Many meanings, one necklace!

Title: A Flair for the Romantic
Ingredients: "Fountain Fern" Mood bead, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, copper-plated metal, metal.

I love the fern design on this mood bead and the vibrant hues of Ruby, Padparadscha and Light Amethyst Swarovski crystals!

I'll have these available at the Artisan Fair in Chanhassen, MN (USA) this Saturday!
It would be grand to see you there!!! Either way, have an excellent weekend!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Charming New Shinies!

It was such a beautiful, clear and warm Wednesday today and I hope it was the same for you! Remember those new Mood Beads I mentioned were in some new Creations? I wanted to give you a peek into my now-current stash of Mood Beads!! I'll have these available at the Artisan Fair in Chanhassen, MN (USA) this Saturday!

Now to the goodies!!!

Don't they look good enough to eat?

I have a second bunch of shinies up my sleeve to show you!

This are old charms.. probably about 40-50 years old... that recently came my way.
I love every single one of them!! See the hot dog? The Native American? The cowboy? The pegasus? There is a Fireman's Helmet, horseshoe, elephant, tiger, and swan, oh my! There are glass pearls, a camera, a desk, a life preserver and that's just for starters!!! See where the whimsy and the title of the post come from??!
I've been pondering them and rather than using them as-is, I think I'll be making molds from them and creating my own charms from there!

So there you have it! A short little post to let you know what's going on in my studio this week!
Stop on by on Friday to see what I've cooked up!