Friday, July 30, 2010

Where in the World is Sprite Creations?

Busy weekend lined up!
I'll be closing up Santa Lucia, one of my Creation Locations in Princeton, MN. They have fabulous ice cream, so I'll be enjoying one of those as I pack up my creations for the Bean Factory Artist Market at the JS Bean Factory in Saint Paul, MN, USA this weekend!
I'll be there from 10am to 7pm Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday! We've permission to close the street on Saturday, so there will be artists everywhere!! Come on out for a visit and to sit a while with some coffee, tea or other beverages and nummy munchies and soak up the art-ness!! (Yup! That's a word! I just invented it!)
Here are some new creations and their titles to entice!
A Little Steam, A Little Punk...
Fairy Berries
Fairy Jewels: Dawn
Fairy Jewels: Dusk
The Fire and the Chalice

In other news, one of my creations is winging it's way to La Habra, California! This commission took a little while to create but I think you'll agree it is just BEAUTIFUL!!!
Title: Sacred

I can't wait for it to arrive at it's person's doorstep!!!

Here is wishing you-all a FABULOUS, FUN Summer weekend!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

And They're Up!

Remember those creations I blogged about on Friday? That I said would be in my Etsy shop today?
Fairy Vines....
Textures of the Heart...
and Disreputable Jewels?

Yup! They are in my Etsy shop now!

Arting the Pickup...

Some people "pimp" their ride. That would not be me - I'm "Art-ing" my ride!
This is Stage 1.
The Pickup is clean and scrubbed vigorously with a wire-brush. That was to get as much of the flaky rust off as possible. Also the most heart-breaking because even though I *know* this is a '79 Toyota... it is one thing to have a metal flake just barely hanging on and another to have a HOLE. *sigh*
Still.. it is all in the name of creation....!
So, here are the pictures of The Beginning:

This will definitely be a work in progress! The next step? Start spray-painting!
There will definitely be stars, and moons and rainbows.. possibly faeries.. probably "Sprite Creations" painted on somewhere.. or several somewheres... hmmm... possibly a Death Star....*more pondering* Any thoughts? Ideas?

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Working" and New Creations!

I've been busy "working" all week. Some of that work was out and about in the world and some of it was in the studio. I have several commissions that I am working on and have completed one and am sending the picture-proofs off for another! YAY!
In the meantime, I created these beauties!!
These will not be up in the Etsy shop until Monday, so reply here or 'e me if you'd like to inquire about them!
And here they are!
Fairy Vines

Textures of the Heart

Disreputable Jewels

Friday, July 9, 2010

Come Join Us This Weekend!!!

MN Shadows Faire -
A positive living event - Step out of the shadows!
Join Sprite Creations on this weekend of July 10th & 11th
for an inspiring weekend of discovery!
Faire starts at 12 noon & ends at 6pm on both days
Explore and enrich your spiritual side,
Increase your health and well-being,
Reinvest in a vision of yourself!
Readings, Aura Photography, Reiki Massage, Ear Candling,
Acupuncture, Ionic Footbaths, Jewelry Creations, Arts & Crafts…
and so much more…
First 25 guests through the door each day will receive a gift bag
containing coupons, treats and samples provided by our
So, please join us at the Historic Mounds Theatre
1029 Hudson Road
Saint Paul, MN 55106

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sprite Creations at CONvergence-The Old and New

Sprite Creations returned to the CONvergence Art Show for the 5th consecutive year. I arrived Thursday mid-morning to check-in my creations and found that space was nearly gone!! A happy circumstance for CONvergence and a bit of a surprise to me! There was so much excellent artwork of all kinds in the show this year and I was proud to be part of it!! About half of what I entered were creations less than a week old, so this was the first time anyone was able to see them! I am grateful for the many compliments received and interest in my work.
Here are a few photos of the display and creations.

Sprite Creations was new to Artist Alley this year and I planned interactive demonstrations with care. Friday saw me with Dremel in hand, drilling through laptop keyboard keys! It was a lot of fun and a few earring sets found homes! Of course, being at a Science-Fiction/Fantasy Convention, it was a requirement to create the Ctrl-Alt-Delete set similar to what you see here:

The set above was actually in the Art Show, a nice bit of coordinated marketing that I was proud of.
Saturday was slated for Faerie Readings and, due to lack of interest, there was not much of a chance to demonstrate.
All part of the learning experience as I ponder returning to CONvergence's Artist Alley next year.
So, there's the scoop and here endeth this entry!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Quick Pause and Update...

So, I'm SO proud to share this bit of news!!!
Remember that batch of handmade Predator Dreadlock beads I created as a commission for my friend, Todd Murray???
I'm SO pleased and proud to say that he won BEST IN SHOW in the Masquerade at CONvergence 2010 !!!!!!!
Yup!! That's right, he won Best in Show at a 4,500 person convention, with over 25 other costume entries!!!
GO TODD!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

I'm proud of the connection with this fabulous accomplishment and hope that Sprite Creations beads perhaps helped a little bit with the awesomeness that is Todd's Creation!!!!!

Click here for a video of his performance!

And now, back to creating!!!!