Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to Believe!

I've been doing a little bit of creating before settling in for my New Years festivities and wanted to share a photo of a creation that just started growing in the last hour or so.
It is titled, "Time to Believe".

Please forgive the focus quality of the photograph, trust me that this is the best I could do to show all of the fabulous detail on these pieces!
The Unicorn pendant has the word "Believe" inscribed on the back. Both the Unicorn and Faerie are hand-made by Green Girl Studios and the ceramic Time link is hand-wrought by Earthenwood Studio .

I'm not certain if this will grow into a necklace, pendant or something else entirely. We'll find out together!

Time to Believe is a sentiment that rings true for me on this day, the Eve of the New Year. As I ponder the insights of this, I wish you-all a New Year that is chock-full of laughter, love, abundance, adventure, good fortune, and play!

Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Carving A Life...

I hope all of your Holiday celebrations to date have been full of warmth, good food, excellent company and much laughter!
I am happy to say that mine have been!

I have many things of which I Am Up To ("TM") including designing/assembling a mobile studio to use in the new year, new shinies, upates to my website and so forth. I'll give more details on the plot that is afoot for the mobile studio later.

In this post, I wanted to introduce you to the Carving A Life collection! You might recall seeing the first necklace in this collection of three in this post.
Here are the remaining two!
"So, You Wish to Grow...", Replied the Tree.
Ingredients: *Engraved leaves with gold foil maple wood pendant, gold-plated copper chain, plated copper oak leaf clasp, *antique copper-plated leaf chain, copper and gold-plated jumprings.

Water and Waves
Ingredients: *Waves engraved with silver foil maple wood pendant, sandalwood beads, Bali silver, recycled chain, *lead-free pewter antique silver Spirals clasp.

And here is the entire Carving A Life collection!

The idea behind this collection is particularly relevant right now as I review the year 2010 and chart my 2011. I have many ideas that I'm excited to share with you-all in the coming year!
Stay tuned!

Remember that ArtBeads is still hosting a giveaway for a new Apple iPad! With 3G capability! Isn't that awesome??!

Everyone who places an order between now and the end of the year will get an automatic entry for a chance to win. Details are here .
There is an alternate way to enter for those who don't want to place an order, just follow the link above!


Legalese: I have received the following products free of charge from and I am honestly reviewing them. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received: Leaves Engraved Pendant-Maple Wood with Gold Foil, Antique Copper-Plated Leaf Chain, Tierracast Antique Silver-plated Spiral Toggle Clasp and Waves Engraved Pendant-Maple Wood with Silver Foil.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday is for Whimsy!

I have two new pairs of earrings to share with you that have had me giggling all morning!
I have a busy day ahead of me and look to carry this laughter and warmth with me through all the errands and travel of the day.
I paired a recently received wonderful dog charm with a bone dangle that I've had a little while now. Because, really, what does a dog love best (besides their human) besides a good bone? I find it interesting that the bone charm is "hollow", meaning it is a stamped-metal piece rather than fully-cast and three-dimensional, just like real bones!
And just in case the pup gets bored with the bone, it is suspended below a little ball of a bead. These earrings are full of playfulness and endearing charm!

Title: Give A Dog A Bone
Ingredients: cat's eye beads, glass, lead-free pewter, metal, plated silver surgical steel earwires.

The second pair has sparked a song to roll around in my head for much of the morning!
The inspiration for these earrings are roller skating in the 80's..when the height of roller skating fashion was custom skates with pom-poms for the ladies! Of course, I had to have my own twist on that fashion, so....I had roller skate charms and when my eyes fell upon the squishy-spikey intensely-rainbowed (I'm sure those are actual words!) beads, I knew the earrings HAD to be born! And Lo! Roller skating by INXS popped into my head!
I hope you are as amused by these as I am!
Title: Rollerskating!
Ingredients: Silicone rubber beads, Czech glass, metal, plated silver surgical steel earwires.

And now, for your listening enjoyment, I've found a live version of INXS's Roller Skating!
*disclaimer: While it does seem everything can be found on YouTube and I am indebted to them to be able to share this, the original album version had a much more happily frenetic vibe to it. Still, I think you get the gist of this!*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good News for the Holidays!

I have many new shinies that are nearly ready to be photographed, including a series of three necklaces with fabulous wooden pendant focals!
I found these wooden pendants here over at Artbeads .

Here is the first in the series and I'll post the rest as they grow into completion!
Title: Unlocking the Sacred, Mused the Tree.
Ingredients: Carved Cherry Wood pendant, base metal

And a close-up of that gorgeous pendant...

What does this have to do with the Holidays, you might ask?
I'll tell you!! has several fun things afoot right now!!!
They are hosting the 48 hour ICE, Seed Bead Spectacular and Secret Santa sale with savings up to 55%!
If that isn't enough to entice a person to order from them, there is more!!
Artbeads is celebrating the joy of beading this holiday season by giving away $100,000 in free $10 gift cards! Details are here . $100,000 Gift Card Giveaway

And the really, realllllly exciting news that I wanted to share with you-all....
*drum roll, please!*
They are hosting a giveaway for a new Apple iPad! It is even the iPad with 3G capability so you can get online just about anywhere. Isn't that awesome??!

Everyone who places an order between now and the end of the year will get an automatic entry for a chance to win. Details are here .
There is an alternate way to enter for those who don't want to place an order, just follow the link above!

With all of this, is it any wonder that I've placed the following banner at the bottom of my entry?

Legalese: I have received the following products free of charge from and I am honestly reviewing them. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received: Spirals Engraved Pendant-Cherry Wood.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Wishing all a Happy!
Whatever holiday you celebrate in the coming days and weeks, I wish you peace, joy, love and abundance in every way!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shinies in the Mail!

and other fun updates!
December has been a busy month, I am happy to say, and so my blog has been a bit neglected! A quick summary of what I have been up to:
The Holiday Geek Expo, which transpired the first weekend of December, went very well! YAY!
The Women's Art Festival, held last Saturday went well for being cancelled a little over half-way through due to a blizzard! I bowed out of The Artisan Faire at Eye of Horus due to the snow and cold from the blizzard and travelled safely home!
Which brings us up to the last part of this week and this weekend!
You can find me at The Healing Loft this Thursday from 2 to 9pm and Saturday will find me at the Wldflwr Holiday Boutique from 10am to 2pm. Please contact me for more details regarding this show!

Of course, if there is a Creation that has caught your attention and that must be obtained, I am always happy to oblige!! Just contact me for arrangements!

As Winter Holidays near, I hope that all is well with you and your loved ones and this Holiday Season is a joyous one for you!

I'll leave you with the photo in the top right corner of some shinies that arrived in the mail earlier this week! Some of them have already become creations, some are slated for a commission and a few are connected with ideas waiting for a few more materials to grow into life!

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun Stuff Ahead!

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is all about fun things! Particularly fun contests!
ArtBeads has a few of those going on right now!

As you might recall, I entered a Creation, Soaring Home, in Artbeads What Inspires You? Contest!! If you've been following my blog, you saw this on my Artbeads Blog Partner Entry I submitted Soaring Home was submitted in the Necklace category. Voting is closing tomorrow, Wednesday, night close to midnight CST. I think it would be LOVELY to win this contest, and I hope you agree! Please take a moment and click on the Vote for Me! button to help me with that. Wouldn't that be a fabulous Christmas present?!

ArtBeads also has another contest for you to enter!! It is the Stocking Stuffer Sweepstakes! Win a fun holiday stocking full of beads, fabulous gifts, and a $100 gift certificate! This sweepstakes will end on December 22, 2010. To enter this sweepstakes, click the nifty banner below!

I am busy creating in the studio for the Women's Art Festival this Saturday and the Artisan Faire at the Eye of Horus !

It would be fabulous to see you, so stop by if you are in the area!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Much to Say!

Just like the Dave Mattews Band song, I have much to tell you-all!

As Winter Holidays are just around the corner, there will be many opportunities to visit me and my Creations!

I have a bit of exciting news to share and then I'll leave you with a summarized schedule of where you can find me this month!

The News:
The Eye of Horus will be a new Creation Location and adoption center for Sprite Creations starting mid-December! We're kicking off this partnership with the Artisan Faire on Sunday, December 12th from 11am to 7pm at the Eye of Horus. Have you visited them in their new digs? If not, this is the perfect opportunity!! The Artisan Faire includes us as well as a handful of other artists and includes goodies ranging from our hand-crafted jewelry to print art to hand-crafted soaps, candles and more!

Also, I've included their flyer in this Blog because it is gorgeous and because it includes my fabulous photograph of one of my Sprite Creations, “What a Steamship Mechanic Wears to the Ball”! I'm so proud!!!

A few reminders:
I entered a Necklace Creation, Soaring Home, in Artbeads What Inspires You? Contest!! If you've been following my blog, you saw this on my Artbeads Blog Partner Entry . It is also featured in the ArtBeads Colors of Fall Gallery on Facebook
Voting started Nov. 23rd and ends Dec. 8th, so.... feel free to click here , peruse the beautiful shinies and vote!

The Holiday Geek Expo that I've been helping to organize and coordinate is almost here!!!
Join me and Sprite Creations this weekend (Dec. 4th and 5th) at the Waterbury building in NorthEast Minneapolis! Our vendor list includes Alt. Kilt , Scoundrelle's Keep , DragonRose Designs, Cardz Xtcetera, SLR Knives, Chris Jones (He's a comic book artist extraordinaire and invented CONvergences' mascot Connie!), Tarot by Annie, Sultana Sweets, Mugwort Maggie's Apothecary, and Mohr Creations! You can find most of these vendors on Facebook or on the web if you'd like more details on their arts! It should be a grand time and I hope to see you there!!

I have more details on that Holiday Home Party with Heidi Mueller of Wldflwr Designs! We'll have the show on Saturday, December 18th from 10am to 2pm. Please RSVP with me for more details, including the location! If you are curious about Heidi and WldFlwr Designs, you'll find her on Facebook as well as on Etsy.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2011:

December 2nd and 9th Thursday 6:30pm to 9pm
Sampler Night The Healing Loft

December 4th&5th Saturday&Sunday 10am to 6pm, 10am to 4pm CONvergence Inc./GPS/Anime Twin Cities Headquarters Minneapolis, MN
(Check my website or my Facebook page for details)
Holiday Geek Expo

Saturday, December 11th 10am to 5pm Midtown YWCA
Women's Art Festival

Sunday, December 12th 11am to 7pm Eye of Horus
Artisan Faire

Saturday, December 18th 10am to 2pm RSVP for details!
Wldflwr Designs Holiday Home Party

Onwards with the Creating!!