Monday, December 31, 2012

Magical Monday! Illuminating Surroundings!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the final Magical Monday of 2012!
For those who are new to the blog, Magical Mondays are intended to be a quick bit of magic to help start your week off well!
Many of us start our work-week out on Mondays and so are less than thrilled with the day.
This post is here to help and spread more magic!
Thanks for joining us!
I've fun little vignettes to show you today concerning either illumination or dwelling spaces (or both)!
Let's get started with the most simple idea first....
Details and credits are here! I call these Tea Cup Lights and I can see them in a kitchen, coffee shop, funky parlor, and so much more!
This next photo is of an awesome bed.  It would be fun to see if rocking yourself to sleep would work well in one of these!  If it were me, I'd have some of those Tea Cup Lights in here for illumination!!! Hee! Details and credits for this design and photo are here! Next up is a fabulous cat walk...complete with a Secret Lab (which every Cat has, of course)!
I would have this in the next room over from the ship-bed with the Tea Cup Lights... and perhaps I'd have some of the lighting in my Secret Lab be beakers and maybe test tubes! Details and credits for it are here

Last, but certainly not least, are illuminated boats! 
I love the rainbow hues captured by this photograph! 
(Photo credits and details are here!)

I'll wrap this up by saying... 
I and Sprite Creations wish you an awesome and most excellent year of 2013! May your life adventure be filled with Joy, Love, Freedom, Beauty and Gratitude! 
May the map of your world expand exponentially as the frontiers of what you know are thrown wide open!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fini Friday! Faerie Pouch Fini!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to the final Fini Friday of 2012! 
(It is a bit strange to think in those terms!!!!)
 Last Friday, I showed you a red leather pouch I acquired from a fellow vendor at one of my December shows. 
The pouch contained two empty glass bottles, just waiting to be filled! 
And I have filled them! 
Let me show you!!! 

The first bottle is filled with all sorts of treasures of a sort that a Faerie might desire to keep close at hand!
Let's see what is in there! Hand-felted Faerie stones (from England!), a cobalt Star, Fairy leaf, Quartz Crystal(clear), Kyanite, Amber, a rose and shell bead, a spring, mechanical bits, a Fairy-sized wrench, a heart with wings, a silver leaf, and a sunset-coloured star. 

 The second bottle is filled with Faerie Dust! (I suppose that is predictable, huh?!) As I was securing the cork stopper in the top of the bottle, I noticed that Faerie Dust colours were arranged in rainbow and chakra colours! How appropriate and interesting! I had no plan when pouring in the Faerie Dust save using colours that made my heart sing! Faerie Dust, of course, brings good luck! This is always a good thing to have around!!!! 

Let's wrap up this post with a photo of the pouch fully loaded! 
I really love how this turned out and look forward to using it in the future! 
Maybe you'll see it during a visit at a show and let me know what you think! 
That would be grand! 
Have a most excellent weekend and I'll see you on Monday! Ciao!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! An Owl of a Good Time!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I hope your week so far has been grand!
I've new earring creations to show you, so let's get started!
These first two pair of earrings contain owls that are dyed Howlite (often used as an inexpensive substitute for Turquoise, and often referred to as "Chalk Turquoise").
Legend has it that Howlite helps with redirecting anger (both internal and external) to more productive avenues, aids in memory retention and desire for knowlege, soothing and articulation of emotion, aids in meditation and etc.
Owls are found in many cultures to symbolized wisdom and knowledge, particularly of the inner landscape of the heart and soul. Hmmm...I sense a theme here!
Title: Party Owl
Ingredients: Howlite owl(dyed), cut crystals, metal, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).
Incidently, Bright Pink is thought to encourage playful conversation and a lively atmosphere!  Perfect for a Party Owl!

Title: Night Owl
Ingredients: Howlite owl(dyed), cut crystals, metal, lead-free pewter (USA), surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).
Purple has long been a colour of royalty.  It is thought to encourage intuition and spirituality, set people at ease, increase self-esteem, and balance and relax the body.  Nifty!
I love the flash of iridescence from the cut crystals as the light plays with them!

And our final pair of earring creations....
Title: Splish-Splash!
Ingredients: Lampwork glass beads, Czech glass, Swarovski crystals, lead-free pewter(USA), metal, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).
I love these rubber duckies, the deep and bright colours of the beads and the sheer whimsy of it all! That's it for this Whimsy Wednesday! 
Have an excellent few days and I'll see you on Friday! Ciao!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Magical Monday! Merry!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
This is a week of celebrating Winter Holidays and this post is joining in that celebration! 
I'm going to take a moment to Thank all of you who have supported and danced with myself and Sprite Creations this year! 
We would not be where we are without you! 
Let's start with a little stress-reduction! Bubble wrap!
Details and credits are here.
And now...Christmas/Yule/Winter Holiday Celebration!
A few...unusual Christmas/Yule Trees!

To the left, we have a Chemistree!!! Hee hee!!!
Details and credits are about this creation are  here.

And below we have a Suspended Christmas Tree! I really like this, both for the imagination, ease of maintenance and visual appeal!  However, I think this is a pet-free house as I can't imagine any cat that would be able to resist playing with those balls!
Details and credits for this awesomeness are here!

So there you have it!  
A very Merry Magical Monday!
We wish you a Merry, Merry Winter Holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fini Friday! Bottles, Charms and a Pouch, Oh My!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
I've some raw materials and a nifty leather pouch to show you today! 
Why am I showing you the nifty leather pouch? 
 First, because it is nifty! Second, because I procured it from a fellow vendor at the Holiday Geek Expo and lastly, for reference! Folks at shows have lately been asking me where I obtain all the Faerie Finery that I wear at shows, so I'm going to start cataloging some of that here! 
And really lastly... because it is fun stuff to show you! 
Ok! Starting with some raw materials.... 
These are charms I found earlier this week and brought home to the studio. The stagecoach and cowboy boot charm, though large, are quite light-weight! I envision them becoming chunky, funky earrings! Stay tuned to see what they grow into!

And now, the nifty leather pouch! The fellow vendor who created this pouch is Da Vinci Scientifica. As you might imagine from the name, they create all manner of Steampunk accessories! 
This is a basic leather pouch in a fabulously flashy shade of red! I'm toying with the idea of playing with it and one of my leather punches so as to create a border around the edges of the flap with the snap....hmmmmmmmm....!!! It bears experimentation!!!

The pouch contains two lovely, long bottles safely stowed away! 
Bottles that could hold secrets! Bottles that could hold Faerie Dust! Bottles that could mysteries and legends and anything else I wish to fill them with!!! (Insert evil laugh here!)
What will I fill them with? 
You'll just have to stop back by to find out! 
Hee hee!! 
So, that's it for me here at Sprite Creations and for Fini Friday! 
Have a fantabulous weekend and I'll see you on Monday! Ciao!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! At the Show!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!! 
I've decided to go a different direction with the whimsy today! 
I'm going to show you a little bit of what it is like to visit with me and Sprite Creations at a show! 
Let's start by showing you some of the creations that were adopted at the last show, which was the Women's Art Festival.
This was a Custom Creation for a formidable guy who is satisfied enough with them that he wears them all the time! He commissioned a second pair for a present and picked those up this past weekend! YAY!!!!
  The jumprings from which the wrench charms are suspended are woven in a mobius-strip (infinity sign) pattern. Cool, huh? 

This second creation was adopted by a good friend as a Yule present for herself! I love those kinds of presents! 
Title: Rare Beauty 
This friend truly is a rare beauty and I love it when the perfect creation and person find each other! 

This last creation was adopted as a present for a sibling! 
Title: StarShine 
Apparently the giftee is highly interested in both stars and Sprecher soda! 
Again, a perfect choice! YAYAYAYAYYYYY!!!
I'll wrap this post up with a photo of our booth at the last show! 
I really enjoy being able to use this set-up because the merry, multi-coloured lights immediately draw people's attention! This is also a fun way to set a very Faerie mood, which is very important to me. 
 So there you have it! 
A post chock-full of whimsy! 
I hope you are able to take this whimsy with you out into the world! 
I'll see you on Friday! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Magical Monday! Paper and PC!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
In sifting through all the fun things I wanted to show today, it seems things either fell into the Technology/Computer or Paper theme! How interesting!

First, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU! to all of our friends, old and new, that stopped by for a visit, a chat and to adopt Sprite Creations this past Saturday at the Women's Art Festival! The weather was far better than expected! It was a busy, happy show and our hearts are full with all the love and joy that was shared with us! This show has a very special, welcoming vibe to it and it was lovely to be surrounded by such talented colleagues and awesome people! Thank You!

Onward to more Fun Stuff!
This photo has been casually titled "Blending In" and I think that's perfect!
  Details and credits for this are here! I love the expressions on everyone's face! I am especially amused by how serious the older gentleman is! I bet he's hamming it up for the camera! I wonder what the specs are on *his* laptop?! Hee hee!!!

Perhaps if he had the PC pictured below, he'd be happier? Details and credits for this are here! I *heart* *heart* (get it?!) this case! Whoever built this is awesome! I suspect that this would be a very popular item, should it go into production! I wonder if a working Time Travel app is included?

Speaking of Time Travel, let's sit back and relax with a little bit of old-school technology in this sunny and inviting Book Nook!
  Details and credits for this are here! And when the daylight fades, I'd imagine this could offer a wonderful view of the stars!

In conclusion, I've a link to a video tutorial on creating a paper airplane and wind-tunnel for testing it!
Click here to see!
 Doesn't that look like fun! First, I have to be able to fold a paper airplane that precisely!!! So that's it for Magical Monday! I hope it lightened your spirits and outlook!
One more bit of Sprite Creations Event News!
I've a BlogTalk Radio Interview tomorrow, (Tuesday) at 3pm (CST, USA)! Cheryl Patton and I will be chatting about Holiday Messages From the Faeries!
It would be excellent to have you tune in!
Also? See you Wednesday!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fini Friday! Ringing in New Treasures!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
This will be just a quick post whilst I am preparing for my show tomorrow! 
Onward to the Treasures! 
First, A Ring! Title: Jewel of a Bygone Era 
Ingredients: Vintage German glass, lead-free pewter, glue. 
I love this ring! 
It is the perfect mix of ageless beauty! It is also adjustable! WOOT! 

Next up! A Tinker Faerie Treasure Bottle! 
This is something a little bit new, inspired by suggestions from folks who visited us at the last show! 
Ingredients: a spring, Amber, Kyanite, Rock Crystal, glass, acrylic, lead-free pewter, metal, cork hand-felted "Faerie Stone" (England!). 
These are all little treasures that a Faerie who values mechanics as well as natural things would gather! 

I'll wrap this post up with a little bit of creations that are still growing! 
These are all Popcap Pendants that I finished over the weekend! Some have particular designs and ideas already attached and some are still in the dreaming! You might catch a glimpse of Swarovski crystals, old watch parts, vintage rhinestones, stickers, beads, and an old Kachina pendant in amongst these pendants! 
Stay tuned to see what they grow into! 
The top two creations will be with me tomorrow at the Women's Art Festival! 

The 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!

P.S. The weather is looking rather winter-y and entertaining! Yes! I promise you, we will be there!
 It would be lovely to see you there!
If not, I'll see you on Monday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Playing Hooky!

Hello Hello! 
I’m writing the bulk of this post whilst listening to The Cars “Moving In Stereo” in stereo, in the car and on the road to visit a friend! 
I’m playing hooky from the studio for a little while! Wheeee! 
This feels grand!
I’ve been rather busy preparing for both a home Sprite Creations party tomorrow and the Women’s Art Festival this Saturday and I’m excited about all the new creations I have to share! 

Below are just some of the newest shinies! 
Title: Transcend 
Ingredients: 4GB (working) Flash Drive, non-toxic resin (hand-coloured & hand-painted), Swarovski crystals, vintage German glass, Czech glass, lead-free pewter(USA), aluminum, metal. 
There are all sorts of details in this creation, and let’s start with that fabulous Flash Drive! It is a working 4GB Flash Drive! The swirls are part of the factory design of this drive and it was named Transcend before it arrived in my studio. Since the creation design of both the Flash Drive and the necklace centers around the Drive, it seems fitting that it lends it’s name to the entire creation. The shiny flashes of colour on top of the Flash Drive are Swarovski crystal rhinestone, set in a rainbow pattern. (Some believe this pattern of colours also matches those of the 7 major charkas of the human body.) I would have loved to place each rhinestone in the center of each circle or swirl, but too much resin too close to the edge of the convertible flash drives can be a problem. The rhinestones are set and sealed with non-toxic resin that I’ve hand-coloured with pigment and literally paint onto the Drive. The Pegasus, Star and Sun all speak to traveling to other realms, realities or mythologies. The “Love” circle is also hand-painted with hand-coloured resin by me and fits the title quite aptly! After all “Love transcends all things”! Even in looking at the “Love” ring, there are hidden details. This is a repurposed charm and so while the Love is immersed in flecks of gold, there are marks of wear and age in the shiny metal underneath the golden resin. This is a love of strength, beauty and wisdom, wrapped with whimsy in the mixing of both modern and timeless. 

The second Flash Drive creation I have to share is just below… 
Title: Traveling With Turtle Island 
Ingredients: 8GB Flash Drive (Iamakey), non-toxic resin (hand-coloured & hand-painted), hand-finished brass, old watch parts, metal. 
The key-shaped metal bit is actually the working 8GB Flash Drive! I’ve worked with this shape before and had so much fun, I played with it again! The turtle charm enabled me to mix both dark and shiny metals and the turtle shape echoed the more boxy key shape of the Drive. 
I placed the old watch parts in a column down the shank of the drive, four gears and all over-lapping. This is what I love best about creating! I had no set vision of what to do with the gears, only that I wanted round gears on the shank. It seemed right to have four overlapping, and then the story of the "Four Ages of Man" popped into my mind! Very fitting since the Earth has been named Turtle Island by many aboriginal tribes in times past! The myth of the "Four Ages of Man" by Ovid is recounted here. While the resin is speckled with golden flecks, I also meticulously dropped alcohol ink onto the resin once it was painted on. That is the ethereal green you see. The ink pools and flows as I work with it and the resin and I love the “swampy”, yet misty and mysterious feel that it created! Perfect for a turtle in the water and the legends described above! And, again, wrapped with whimsy in the blending of both modern and timeless! 

So, there you have it! 
I'll leave you with information of my final show for 2012!
When is that, you ask?
The 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!
I’ll wrap this up as I am almost at my friend’s house and see you Friday!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Magical Monday! Thinking Outside the Box!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
Winter has finally come to my neck-of-the-woods with lots and lots of snow! 
I'm glad about this as the snow makes it seem truly like Winter and Christmas/Winter Holidays to me, rather than just one long Fall! The snow is fluffy and sparkly and lovely! YAY!
I've one of my favorite kinds of posts for you today! 
I have all sorts of examples of "thinking outside the box", that is using things for useful purposes for which that they weren't intended! I often have great fun doing this in my jewelry! 
First, an unusual Christmas Tree! 
Credits and details are here
Since I love nearly all things books, I adore this Christmas Tree! YAY!!!! 

Next is an unusual application of pinball machines and an awesome way to create art! 
Credits and details are here!
Isn't that fun??!

And finally, let me show you something along the lines of the Tiny House movement... a Transforming Home!
Click here for pictures, details and credits!
I think it's wonderful to take old shipping containers and repurpose them in this manner! 
 How intriguing!!!

I'll leave you with information of my final show for 2012!
When is that, you ask?
The 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!

And with that, I'll see you on Wednesday!! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fini Friday! Flashy!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I usually use these posts to show you either creations that are still growing or creations that have been languishing and have been (finally!) completed.  Today I'm going to show you creations on both ends of the spectrum!
Let's start with the completed creation!
You might remember this Fini Friday back in September, where I showcased a cat, sunstone and kyanite necklace that I was restringing.  I was not impressed with the crimps I had on-hand and so progress was stalled while more of my usual crimps were obtained.  They have been acquired and the necklace is finished!
Title: SunCat
Ingredients: Jasper, Sunstone, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Bali silver, Sterling silver, lead-free pewter, steel cable.

The first photo is of the entire design and the second is a close-up of the wonderful cats, intriguing and flashy sunstone and gorgeous lapis lazuli! 

There are so many legends and meanings associated with the stones used in this creation, I'll just take you on a quick tour through them!

Sunstone: Thought to bring luck, increase optimism, strength and vitality, and to help harness the healing power of the Sun. 
Lapis Lazuli: Used as both a cosmetic and medicine through the ages, Lapis has been used as an aphrodisiac, to strengthen the skeleton, increase Divine awareness, cure insomnia and improve sleep as well as to ward off negative energy. 
Kyanite: Thought to never retain negative energy, Kyanite also helps to improve communication and intuition, clarity of thought, and help manifest dreams into action. Legend says it helps nurture optimism and open the mind to lighter, brighter and better ideas and perspectives. 
Jasper: Legend says that Jasper is protective, grounding, healing and stabilizing. It is thought to align all the chakras and balance yin yang energies. 
Silver: Though not a stone, Silver is thought to nurture intuitive knowing. All in all, a very positive creation, wouldn't you say? 

The next and last photo are three USB Flash Drives(part of the Flash Drive collection) that I've finished the embellishment and will continue to grow into completion as necklaces and etc.

I believe two out of the three flash drives will be necklaces and yet the drive to the farthest right may end up remaining a pendant.
The green colour that you see is alcohol ink that I dripped strategically onto and into the resin after painting it on the drives.  I absolutely love the effect!  The center drive arrived with that nifty swirl pattern and so I accented it with Swarovski crystal rhinestones and a subtle gold glitter pigment in the resin!  I'm quite pleased with how these turned out!
 More on the designs embedded in the resin and their meanings when the creations are complete!

You may see these at my next show! 
When is that, you ask?
Why, I've conveniently provided details about that very subject just below!
Take a look!
My next and final show of 2012 (it is so weird to type that!) is the 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!

And with that, have a fabulous weekend! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Land and Air!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!!
I hope your week has been most excellent so far! I've been busy in the studio! I've made progress putting it back-to-rights after neglecting my organization a bit as well as creating more!
I've a few more unusual creations to show you today! They are more unusual because of either the materials or the subject of the focal bead!
So let's get started!
This first creation has two titles that popped to mind!
Title 1: Air Spirits
Title 2: Air Travel
Ingredients: Acrylic, Swarovski crystals, hand-finished brass filigree, Czech glass, cut crystals, antiqued copper wire, steel and magnetic-metal neckwire.
I'll be interested to see which title you-all like better! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! The materials of this creation are a bit unusual in that I don't usually use a lot of acrylic, especially for the focals of my creations. However, the swallow and the butterflies are really quite dramatically simple and beautiful!
I suspended them from antiqued copper wire and Czech glass that seems to change colours with the light. Further embellishment came with the cut crystals and hand-finished brass filigree, accented brilliantly with Swarovski crystals that match those fascinating butterflies! I love the mix of modern and vintage in this creation!!!

The next and final creation features a cute little fellow that is unusual in that I haven't created with a hedgehog before!
Title: As Yet Unknown
Ingredients: Green Girl Studios Hedgehog bead(fine pewter), Czech glass, lead-free pewter, rayon and quartz adjustable neckcord.
I just love the little hedgehog dude and have been waiting for some time to create something that is just right to feature him in! I believe this is it!
A title hasn't yet popped to mind, but I'm open to suggestions!
Look for these to appear in my Etsy shoppe shortly!

My next and final show of 2012 (it is so weird to type that!) is the 20th Annual Women's Art Festival! Come join us at the Midtown YWCA in Minneapolis, MN (USA)!
Saturday, Dec. 15th only!
10am to 5pm.
There will be live music all day, an on-site coffee shop and art of all kinds and for all budgets!

And with that, have a fabulous rest of the week! 
I'll see you on Friday! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Magical Monday! Playing in the Lab!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday! I hope your weekend was fantastic! My weekend absolutely was!
The Holiday Geek Expo was most excellent and the new location was definitely a win for everyone! Let me say a bit Thank You to friends, old and new, who stopped by for a visit! It was so much fun to meet or become reacquainted with you! Whee!!!

I've fun things that either are directly relating to a Lab or look like a fanciful, alternative-future lab!
First, a vignette of life in a real Lab!
  Credits and details are here! This looks like a fun place to work, doesn't it?

Next up!
Robots! Or more accurately - a robot lamp! Meet Pinokio - the Desk Lamp Robot (just like the Pixar mascot)! Click here for video, details and credits!
This lamp is equipped with facial recognition software, servos and is run on Open Source software! Woot!

Let's wrap up this post with that thing that looks like it came out of an alternative-future lab! 
I give you-Singapore's Solar Garden!
  Credits and details are here! This is really an amazing place that grew out of a bit of a violent past. Click on through the photos to see all of the decor and a video of the Solar Trees at night! 

And thus we end this Magical Monday post! 
I hope you enjoyed this adventure and I'll see you on Wednesday! 


Friday, November 30, 2012

Fini Friday! Paw-sitive News!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope this week has been full of warmth and adventure so far!
I'm excited to show you some of the fun I've been up to this week! 
I finished a second USB Flash Drive necklace!! YAY! 
Title: Paws For A Byte 
Ingredients: 8GB USB Flash Drive, aluminum, lead-free pewter(USA), metal. 
The clasp is the silver lobster-claw that you see just up from that fabulous paw-shaped Flash Drive! 
This means that the necklace not only clasps in the front, but is adjustable! Other details include the silvery key charm (made in USA) suspended near the clasp and infinity chain-mail weave I used to secure the Flash Drive, key charm and clasp to the ebony chain! This is one of my more simple creations and yet I love the punk feel of it!

What else have I been up to? Playing with Faerie Dust! I've a new collection of Faerie Dust Bottles, just in time for the Holiday Geek Expo this weekend! Take a peek!
The third bottle from the left is inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting!  The last four bottles on the right are inspired by the Four Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind).  Can you guess which bottle is which element?
Hee hee!
So there you have it!  All sorts of "paw-sitive" news!! 
These creations will be with me this weekend at the Holiday Geek Expo (details are below!)!
If you're in the area, it would be a great way to see these and all my other creations in-person!
Also? Visits are always Grand!
The Holiday Geek Expo this weekend!
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
Plaza 5&6 (1st Floor, Short Tower)
Join us for all things Geek!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Whimsy and the Practical!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I hope this mid-point in the week is treating you well!
This has been a busy week for me so far and will continue to be so as I ramp up for the Holiday Geek Expo this weekend(see details below!)!
That said, I have a few creations that are both practical and whimsical for you today!
Let's start with the most whimsical first!
Title: Cat's Paw
Ingredients: 8GB USB Flash Drive, Green Girl Studios "Kitty Comfort" bead, lead-free pewter, metal.
And a close-up of that Cat's Paw, which is also the USB Flash Drive! Hee Hee!
The "kitty Comfort" bead is on the right, below the iridescent fish. It has a serene and mysterious kitty on the side facing us and the words "Kitty Comfort" on the back. This bead was hand-cast by Green Girl Studios in their South Carolina studio!
Other nifty details include a whole fish kitty-corner (did you see that pun?) to the skeletal fish remains, an adjustable wrench charm, little black feathers (perhaps also the remains of a recent birdie repast?)fluttering here and there and a cat-and-mouse toggle clasp! Oh yes! I forgot to mention the chain!  It is made of alternating links of double-hearts and infinity symbols!  Very cool!
Here is a better view of the cat-and-mouse clasp and that fabulous chain!
There is a whole bunch of whimsy wrapped up in this very practical storage-device/necklace-creation!

I've one more creation to show you today! 
Title: Words of Love 
Ingredients: Brass&Copper Pen, hand-made silk bead (with French words), hand-made furnace glass, lead-free pewter, acrylic. 
This creation leans towards the romantic side of whimsy! The bead with the French words on it is hand-rolled silk fabric (USA Artisan made)!  The two golden-coloured or striped beads are hand-made furnace glass.  The bottom bead has a wonderful texture due to the bubbles made during it's creation!  The other glass bead (just above the silk bead) has a core that traverses between garnet and cranberry, wrapped with clear glass and swirled thin gold stripes.  This entire creation has a wide variety of rich colours and depth of textures with a sensual feel!  Perfect for writing words of love! 
Also!  Gold has long been associated with both wealth and spiritual ascendancy, while red is legendary as the colour of love. Of course, en francais is known as the language of romance and amour! So much wrapped up in one creation!  Whew!
So, where can you find these beauties?
Meet them in-person at my next show!
The Holiday Geek Expo this weekend!
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
Plaza 5&6 (1st Floor, Short Tower)
Join us for all things Geek!!! 

It would wonderful to see you there!