Friday, November 12, 2010

So, About the Show....

I realized that I neglected to tell you-all about my time at BellaLuna's OctoberFaire/Full Moon Festival, which was near the end of October. I love working with Gail and Satail, co-owners of BellaLuna! The show was a smaller, intimate affair of other artists and integrative health practitioners such as masseuses, Reiki Energy workers and so forth. It was my pleasure to meet Heidi of Wldflwr Design , who was my room-mate for the show-literally! She and I were in the same room, with other artists arranged in little hallway alcoves and other rooms. Heidi is a fellow jewelry artist and a fellow imaginative soul. I'm pleased to announce that Sprite Creations will be partnering with Wldflwr Designs to throw a little Winter Holiday bash from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, Dec. 18th! This will be a fun little soiree of fabulous jewelry and sparkling company all in a gracious, comfortable setting! Mark the date on your calendar and I'll send more details about the location soon!
Here are a few photos below of a few of Heidi's necklaces with complimentary Sprite Creations earrings!

So awesome!

Besides meeting a wonderful bunch of artists, their friends and family, being immersed in the wonderful, positive energy; one of my creations that has traveled with me a while has found it's person!
The Green Fairy was four years (!) in the creating and has traveled to many shows with me. At the Octoberfaire/Full Moon Festival, she was finally united with her person, Satail. Satail was kind enough to grant permission for photos of herself and the Green Fairy.
And here they are!

I think they are both glowing with happiness, don't you?

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