Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disco Death Star!

I have a new necklace that I just finished that I *had* to show everyone :-D
I am quite proud of it!
My husband pointed out a focal at a bead store trip last year and gave me the idea... and you can see what it grew into!!!
Title: Disco Death Star.
Ingredients: Clay Disco Death Star, miracle beads, metal, lead-free pewter, vintage Swarovski crystals

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Creations-Earrings

I have new earrings to show you!
Actually, I have several, so I'll be posting more over next few days.
Here is the first round:
The first pair is titled:
A Little Nibble
Everyone needs a little snack now and then! This is the debut of my first collection of polymer clay beads! The cheese beads are hand crafted with love by me. Ingredients: hand made polymer clay cheese beads, glass, plastic, sterling silver

Powering Atlantis

Can't you see the power crackling through the top receptor?
Hear the hum of the energy?
Is the glow in the shell energy powering Atlantis or the light of stored energy? This is just one of the many mysteries the owner of these earrings could unlock!
Ingredients: crackled glass, czechpressed glass, seed beads, metal, plated gold surgical steel earwires

Title: Postcards from Atlantis-Peace and Prosperity
A reminder of what it was like to travel down the grand hallways of Atlantis. The beautiful watercolors, the beautiful lotus flower adorning the soaring columns, the arcane coins that constituted their currency....
Well, perhaps none of us remember that...exactly...but these earrings are certainly a unique souvenir of a trip we wish we could take.
Ingredients: Vintage glass, glass, metal, gold plated surgical steel

Title: Cats Have Never Forgotten
There is a saying that Cats used to be worshipped as gods and that they have never forgotten this.
Is it Bast sitting atop her Egyptian Lotus flowers? She is said to be a guardian, protector of household, the underworld and gateways as well mistress of both sun and moon. Anyway you fancy it, you're in good company with these earrings!
Ingredients: czechpressed glass, leadfree pewter dangles, metal, goldplated surgical steel earwires

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flat File Domination!

Today-10 flat file drawers, Tommorrow- The World!

or maybe Thursday! ;-)
So, my secret project was to bring home this


It is a 10 drawer flat file, oak wood finish and measures 53x41 inches!
Holy Beady Storage Space Batman!

It was serendipity!!
A friend stopped by her husband's workplace with him Saturday last to pick up a forgotten thing. This friend saw these files sitting in the lobby for sale. I met up with this friend and others at Ikea on Sunday and the conversation of storage was mentioned... as were these files.
The friend emailed contact info on Monday and my offer was accepted that day!
Today we loaded them up and hauled them home!!!
Now to move them into place, clean them and move beady-stuff in!

Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Road

I've not much experience creating on the road yet, so I'm not certain how often you'll see this post. I thought it would be interesting to share bits of my artistic life when I'm out and about as well.

I don't have a photo of what this turned into as I made it while I was in a laundromat and gave it away in that very same place. Alas, I do not carry a camera with me, so I'll have to attempt to paint with words.

I was at a laundromat a few weeks back and made the acquaintance of an older couple who came in quietly, began their laundry tasks and started reading the books they brought with them.
I was creating a dangly-tassel-thingee that was to fit on the end of a bookmark a few tables down and waiting for my dryer.
After some time,the gentleman ambled near, looking for different reading material, and asked about my creation. We fell into a brief, easy conversation before he returned to his chair and his book.
A short time later, both my laundry and my creation were complete.
I showed the completed piece to both of them as I was leaving. Compliments were given and I walked out with the strangest feeling that this had already found it's person.
I loaded up and started the car and sat for a moment, pondering.
I killed the engine, locked up the car and traced my way back inside the laundromat.
I approached the couple with a smile and gave the creation to them, explaining that it was the least I could do.
You see, in prior conversations with the gentleman, there was mention about appointments at the Veteran's Hospital.
This was the least I could do to start to repay at least one of the people who sacrificed so that I and all U.S. Citizens could enjoy the freedom that we do. He seemed pleased by the gift, but immediately stressed that he was but one of many Service Men and Women.

The rectangular orb with the nifty guardian is Vintage Lucite.
Also Artistic Wire and glass.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Short Summary of What I've Been Up To:

*Big Grin*
There has been much reorganization of the studio and will be more now and then as I tweak things so they work better.

I'm nearing completion on a set of earrings and ear cuff that involve mice and the CHEESE! beads that I posted about earlier.
It's person seems pleased with the design and now I just need to bend some wires to my will and it will be done!! *MMmmwwwaaahahhaahaa!**

I shipped out a commission yesterday that came through Etsy. This brooch has been in the works for a little while and I was glad to send Waterbaby on her way to her new home! You can see her at the top of this post.

Places to See My Creations:
I've been busy researching shows in which to display my creations. My goal is to participate in shows that would not only provide a living for me, but have a higher purpose as well.
This Spring and Summer, you can meet me and my creations in person at:
Twin Cities Healing Symposium Saturday, 9 of April, Brooklyn Center
Twin Cities Pride 2009 Saturday and Sunday 27 an 28 of June, Loring Park, Minneapolis
I am also excited and pleased to let you know that there are more brick and mortar places to see my creations!
SaraCura near the U of MN Minneapolis Campus
Sacred Path Center at University and Raymond in Saint Paul
Pappagallo, in the Galleria, Edina.
Made of Mora Union Street, Mora
I'm delving into a few other possibilities as well and will keep you updated as these materialize.

After delivering creations to the above locations last Thursday, very few creations came home with me.
SO! I've been creating like mad!
I'll have photos as soon as I edit them.
Here is a sneak peek of some of the titles, for now.
The Paleontologist's Laboratory
The Egyptologist's Laboratory
Afternoon Tea
Powering Atlantis