Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Circling!

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!!
We've had a bit of winter weather in my neck of the woods and so part of my day has revolved around dealing with that. I do very much appreciate, however, that even with the snow, our temperatures are really quite warm! That really helps!

I noticed a theme of circles as I sat down to write this blog post and thought that was appropriate given the high winds of the past few days!
So, without further ado...Circles!

This first creation is a Popcap Pendant. A little review for those who haven't heard about these yet! These are pendants I create from recycled bottle caps. I carefully arrange the little vignette inside the cap and then pour in one or more layers of a non-toxic resin to secure the bits and bobs inside. The resin requires 3 days to cure. Lastly, I drill the pop cap and thread in the rings by which the pendant will be suspended.
Title: Forest and Sky
Ingredients: recycled bottle cap, Czech glass beads, non-toxic, hand-coloured resin, metal rings.

This is, of course, in my Etsy shoppe! As an interesting detail unique to this pendant...there are actually two pourings or layers of the resin, each with a different hand-coloured, sparkly pigment mixed into the resin. The first layer is the beautiful, glittery gold colour that is most easily seen. The second pouring was a more thin layer of sparkly sea-green.

The second creation I have to show you are a pair of earrings that just grew into completion today. I've had them as an idea on my workbench for a while and today felt like the day to finish them!
Title: Cosmic Rings
Ingredients: Czech glass, permanently-coated copper wire (USA), anodized aluminum, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).

What I love best about these is the perfect contrast of precise circles and organic play of the lovingly hand-wrapped wire between those rings! And you'll find those in my Etsy shoppe here!

Well! The circle has come back around to completion and this blog post is nearly finished! Thanks for 'circling' with me and I hope you have a fabulous evening!
See you on Friday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Magical Monday! A Faerie, Gryphon, Nerf and Playing!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
I have nifty stuff and a nifty artist I've admired for some time to show you (and hopefully inspire you) today!
I'd like to introduce you to the art of Amy Brown! While I love a great many of her images, the image below is the what caught my eye today!
It is titled "The Ruby Gryphon", and the link above takes you to the Open Edition part of Amy Browns page and where you might purchase a copy of this artwork, should you choose!

I really like the fact that Amy has been able to infuse wisdom and a sense of myth and magic around the gryphon!

The next nifty I have to show you is a Steampunk Mod to a Nerf Gun that looks like something the Faerie in the artwork above might find pleasing and amusing!
Take a look!

epic win photos - Steampunk Nerf Mod WIN
Isn't that awesome????!!!! SHINY!!!

And speaking of Nerf.... I have a video to show you that I've thoroughly enjoyed watching more than a few times this past week! I hope you have fun with it, too!
The Great Office War

Remember, my BlogTalk Radio interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom is tomorrow, the 28th at 3pm (CST, USA)! We'll be chatting about Messages From the Faeries #4!
Have a fabulous week!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fini Friday! A Small Studio Step and Playing in the Woods!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope your week was good and your weekend looking even better!! I'm pleased to say that I've finally got this cold on the run! Woooo!!!

You might recall that at the end of 2011, I started a Studio Reorg... Well, I've made another small progress step in that endeavor! I've culled and cut through the clutter on top of one of the Creation Cabinets, which I also consider my "Shipping Station". This is where I lovingly wrap the Sprite Creations for traveling via the Post to meet their people! I've refined and streamlined my system a bit over time and wanted to reclaim space for those supplies I do use and move those that I don't along to more useful climes.
Here is the before photo:

And the after:

Look at all that scrumptious space! YAY!!!!

And I have a new-to-my-Etsy-shoppe shiny to show you today!
I really enjoyed creating the Faerie Barrettes and intend to continue steadily listing them and other creations in my Shoppe!
Title: Playing in the Woods
Ingredients: Fabric leaves (treated with FrayCheck), Czech glass, permanently-coated copper wire (USA), metal barrette.

Isn't that just beautiful??? I really had a lot of fun playing with the glass beads and wire and leaves!!!
This barrette can also double as a brooch on the lapel of a shirt, blouse or jacket!! Wheeee!!!!

So, there you have it, more things of beauty to adore!! Speaking of that, I've done a good bit of work in my shoppe... changing up photos and listing some new creations... so feel free to hop on over there for a bit of Faerie Shiny Inspiration!

OK!! I don't think there could be a better start to the weekend than that, so go have fun!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Faerie Flowers and a Disco Death Star!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!!! I've an eclectic mix of creations to show you today!
The first is a Faerie Flower, which is a barrette that can be used both as a Hair Creation or as a pin-like accent on a blouse, shirt or jacket! You might remember the Faerie Flowers growing into completion from this post.
Here is the first of the Faerie Flowers to be listed in my Etsy shoppe!

Title: Gifts From the Ocean
Ingredients: Czech glass, fabric flower, glitter, fray-check, coated copper wire, metal barrette.

Isn't that gorgeous??? I just *love* it!!!

The last bit of whimsy I have to show you today is all about the pendant on this particular necklace creation...
Let me show you it first!

That big ball bead that is the focal of the necklace IS the Disco Death Star! Because that's exactly what it reminds me of!! Isn't that fabulous???!!!
The gorgeous flashy-white beads wire-wrapped into individual chain links are vintage Swarovski crystals that are matte white on one side and iridescent on the other. More beads are wrapped here and there to compliment in texture and colour and this creation is finished with a matching toggle clasp. This necklace is completely reversible! It, too, is in my Etsy shoppe!

So there we are!
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did in showing it to you!
See you on Friday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Magical Monday! Celebrating the Shiny!

Hello Everyone!!!
As I sifted through the beautiful creations to show you today, I realized that the two I picked out are big, expansive and shiny! Perfect things to catch the eye of a Fairy, and artist and I hope you enjoy them, too!

The first creation is a sculpture created from recycled CDs by Sean Avery...take a look!
epic win photos - CD Fragment Sculpture WIN

Isn't that awesome!!!!???!!!!!

The second is a photo credited to Reuters of the
Queen of Santa Cruz Carnival on Tenerife Island! I don't know too much more about these festivals, but the workmanship that goes into each of the costumes is stunning! The article states the costumes can be as long and as high as 20 feet wide and weigh between 150-200 pounds!! Whew!!!!

So, there is shiny and the celebration of it, especially right about now on the Canary Islands and Rio De Janeiro!
Have fun this week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fini Friday! Blue Light!

Hello and Welcome to the end of the week!!!
I'm a little under the weather today, so today's post will be a bit more succinct than normal! Blue Light is both the title of the earrings you see below as well as the title of this post! So, let's get to it!
Title: Blue Light
Ingredients: Czech glass, metal, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).

This is a design of my own making, inspired by a friend who was a chain-maille artisan for over 15 years! Why yes! These are in my Etsy shoppe! Hee!! The last bit of the post I have to show you is a Creation growing into completion!
If you remember the post On Safari that showcased an ever-so-cute pair of Squinkies (one Lion and one Tiger)...well, this is along the same idea! I'm envisioning this being both a necklace and, doubled-over, bracelet, full of color and texture!
And this is where the creation is in it's growth now:

See a giraffe, zebra, lion and tiger nestled in and among the hand-dyed fiber and leather? Aren't they adorable?
Ok! And with that, I'm off!

Oh.. by the way...

Where can you find me next? Why at Bellantyne-Saturday, Feb. 18th Bella Luna Boutique, Minnetonka, MN (USA)! THAT'S TOMORROW!!!!

After that, I'll be back on A BlogTalk Radio interview on Tuesday, February 21st from 3-4pm (CST, USA)!

And coming up in April is...
Moonlight and Magic Expo-Saturday, April 21st Cambria Inn&Suites Maple Grove, MN (USA).
Spring Saint Paul Art Crawl-Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 27-29th Lowertown Lofts, Saint Paul, MN (USA).


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Airy Fairy!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!! It is the middle of the week and I am glad of it! I hope this week has treated you well so far! As I was adding a few new creations to my Etsy shoppe today, I realized there was a bit of a theme to what I was adding and so I'm sharing that with you today! The main idea that emerged was that of Air and I'll start off by bringing your attention to a pendant I created out of an absolutely gorgeous bit of a Blue Lace Agate geode.
Title: Secret Map
Ingredients: Blue Lace Agate geode, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, Sterling Silver.

The white veins of quartz crystal wending their way through and around and within the matrix of cloud blue reminds me of a secret map, hence the title! Now if one only had the code with which to crack this secret, the pendant could be the map to.....? We'll just have to imagine!

I have a second pendant to show you!
Title: On the Wind
Ingredients: Polymer clay, non-toxic resin, glitter, sterling silver.

All of this pendant is hand-made by me! I worked the polymer clay into the medallion that you see here, then impressed the filigree star into the center. I poured non-toxic, jeweler's grade resin into the cavity and sprinkled in fine glitter just as the resin was setting. After the resin was set, I wrapped the bail by hand with 22 guage Sterling Silver wire in a free-form style. Every little detail about this pendant was inspired by the element of Air. From shimmering, warm summer breezes to cold gusts that wrap your scarf around your head and everything in between... it is all here, in this pendant, with a subtle beauty all it's own!

And I've an earring Creation with which to finish off this post!
Title: Fill 'Er Up!
Ingredients: Czech glass, Swarovski crystals (White Opal), Sterling Silver

These earrings are reminiscent of an enigmatic bottle in the midst of being filled with a mysterious fluid! Perhaps an Air Sprite is filing her bottle full of blue sky and clouds before departing on her next adventure! Or maybe this is the abode of a Sky Djinn (just like I Dream of Jeannie!)! Adopt these and write your own myth!

Now you know the inspiration for this post's title and the common bond that plays through all of these creations!

Have a fabulous few days and I'll see you on Friday!!
P.S. Don't forget that these and other shinies as well as myself will be at Bellantyne this Saturday from 10am to 6pm. For those in the Minnetonka, MN (USA) neighborhood, feel free to stop for a visit! There will be everything from jewelry to candles, stones to statues and lots of talented folks offering Tarot and other types of Readings, Healings and Services! It would be lovely to see you there!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Magical Monday! Fantastic Realms!

Hello Everyone!
It is a little grey here in my neck of the woods,
so I have a beautiful, magical, richly colourful realm and artwork creations of it to show you today! I have long loved the colours, creatures and creativity of this artist and even have a few of his works in my home! His name is Randal Spangler and his website is here!
As with Sprite Creations, there are stories surrounding each piece of artwork, so feel free to take a stroll through his website and travel along with words!

Here are the beauties I wanted to show you today!
Afternoon Tea

Don't you just love the little dragon? He is called a "Dragling" (this is a trademarked name by Mr. Spangler)! I love the little jewels on the sugar pot and the gorgeous colours and the tea cup and... well... I just love it.. which is probably why I own a copy of it! *grin*

The second lovely is titled Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate!

I own a copy of this as well and it is destined to hang in or near our kitchen... for obvious reasons! Doesn't all of that look yummy?!

I hope you've enjoyed this brief journey into a world I find delightful!
Have a wonderful Monday and I'll see you on Wednesday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fini Friday! Unusal Hearts!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
This is the end of a busy week for me and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend! I hope you are as well!
I've two earring creations for you today, which are my nod to the Valentine's Day holiday coming up next week! As many of you have guessed, I don't really follow any one tradition too seriously and so it is with Valentine's Day! I procured a batch of Swarovski crystal hearts to play with a little while back, knowing they would be perfect for this holiday and for other creations later. And used a few of them I have! Take a look!
I'll show you the sweeter of the two first...
Title: Sweet Heart Kisses
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal heart(Rose colour), vintage chain, metal, leadfree pewter chocolate kiss charms, gold-plated surgical steel earwires

lest you think these earrings are all sugar and sweetness, please note that the heart is suspended on a gun-metal darkened ring! This denotes a sweet heart who is a sensualist and not only enjoys the good things in life (CHOCOLATE!), but also is a bit whimsical and mischievous!

Title: Swashbuckling Heart
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal heart(Tanzanite colour), metal, leadfree pewter cutlass charms, surgical steel earwires

For a beautiful, albeit slightly nefarious, love!

These lovelies are, of course, available in my Etsy shoppe right now!
Please note: Standard shipping may or may not enable these to arrive by Tuesday-Valentine's Day. Please convo me via Etsy if this is of a concern for you, should you choose to adopt any of my creations for a V-Day gift!

So, that's it!
Have a fantabulous weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Shinies and Adoption!

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Whimsy Wednesday!
I have a few shinies and fun stuff to show you from this past weekend! I was attending a small convention in outstate Minnesota that has a relaxed, decidedly geeky flavor to it, and what happened is the theme of this post! As is my usual wont, I donated a few pairs of earrings to the fund-raising Art Auction at this event. The rules of the Art Auction state that all art submitted to the auction must be created at the convention and I find the instant gratification of creating and seeing the adoption of those creations very heart-warming!
And here they are!

I'm pleased to say that they all found excellent homes with nifty people and raised a bit of funds as well! YAY!!!
Where is the whimsy in the above tidbit, you ask? Well... look at the title for the fish earrings! Recognize that from a certain Dr. Suess book? Yup! and there are, indeed, blue fish on those earrings! Heeeeee!!!

Next up I have an actual portrait of an awesome creation and it's person! First, let me jog your memory.... You might remember these earrings...

...from this post from late last year.
These lovelies have been adopted by this bodacious beauty!

Adding to the awesome-ness of her graciously agreeing to model her newly-adopted creations is the fact that she's wearing a tee-shirt with the schematics of the Millenium Falcon printed on it!!!!

A few more things to mention before you return to surfin' the 'Net...
SaraCura has been a Creation Location of Sprite Creations since 2008 and I've really enjoyed every moment of that! SaraCura is changing directions and redefining their business, which will not include consigned independent art. We wish SaraCura the very best of luck in this next prosperous step in their successful business journey!
Other good news is that the creations that were fostered at SaraCura will be available for adoption in my Etsy shoppe in the coming days!
Speaking of adoption.... I have a few shows coming up that I think you'd like to know about!
Bellantyne-Saturday, Feb. 18th Bella Luna Boutique, Minnetonka, MN (USA).
Moonlight and Magic Expo-Saturday, April 21st Cambria Inn&Suites Maple Grove, MN (USA).
Spring Saint Paul Art Crawl-Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 27-29th Lowertown Lofts, Saint Paul, MN (USA).
Also!! A BlogTalk Radio interview on Tuesday, February 21st from 3-4pm (CST, USA)!
Whew!!! Lots going on and more on the horizon so keep checking in with me!!!
See you on Friday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Magical Monday! Bubbles, a Building and a Home!

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome back to another Magical Monday! My weekend was full of fun, laughter, good friends and good food! That is my favorite kind of time well-spent and I hope it was the same for you!

I have a bunch of nifty things to show you today, so let's get started!

It is a moral imperative to have a beautiful photograph of bubbles on a Magical Monday series of posts! I regret that I could not find the artist for this amazing photograph, so I can not give credit where it is due. Alas!

This next photograph is of a Cathedral composed of LED lights built for Belgium's 2012 Light Festival and is by Stijin Coppens.
epic win photos - LED Cathedral WIN
Absolutely brilliant (HA!!!) In all seriousness, this is a breathtaking creation!

So there we have the bubbles and the building...where is the home?
It is just below!
epic win photos - Rotating Bedroom WIN
Isn't that fascinating? It took me a bit to figure out quite how everything is turned to accommodate all the functions shown in the photos! I think this is ingenious and I'd love to hear how comfortable and liveable it is!
So here we are.. at the end of another Magical Monday!
I'll look for you on Whimsy Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday & Fini Friday! An Ocean of Possibilites!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday, all in one! I'll be out and about and away from the computer starting tomorrow through this weekend so this post will serve double-duty!
I'll be showing you the loot I picked up on Walkabout this last weekend for the Whimsy Wednesday portion of the post. I found lots of nifty stuff, including tie tacks, keys Swarovski crystals, cookie cutters and more!

Did you see that camera tie tack? Isn't that awesome??!!! And aren't those keys pretty? I intend to paint resin on the tie tacks and perhaps also the keys... though that remains to be seen! The owl and crescent moon cookie cutters will be used to make pendants out of polymer clay and the Swarovski crystals? Well! You'll just have to wait and see! Soooo many possibilities!!! Wheeee!!

And for Fini Friday, I've a finished creation to show you!
Last Fini Friday, I showed you two creations that were in the growing stages and I'm happy to announce that one has grown into completion!
Title: An Ocean of Glassy Calm
Ingredients: hand-crafted Popcap Pendant (hand-coloured and hand-poured non-toxic jeweler's grade resin, sea glass (hand-picked by me from Monterey Bay, CA), recycled popcap), recycled chain, recycled glass, Bali silver, permanently-coated copper wire, anodized aluminum, pewter.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out! It is all ocean inspired... toggle clasp that reminds me of the rope used to secure a ship to the star-shaped Bali spacers on the recycled glass (legend has it sailors would often set their course by the North Star) to the sea glass shards submerged in sea-coloured resin!
And!!! It is now listed in my Etsy shoppe!!
So there you have it mateys! A post to satisfy the treasure-hunter and sailor alike!
Have a fantabulous weekend and I'll see you on Monday!