Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Secret Projects and Signing Off For a Bit...

I'll be working on a few Creations to be at CONvergence, but most of the next few days will be in personal preparations for the convention. I've so much to do, but I wanted to share a few things before I sign off for my "working" vacation (and returning to the Interwebs next week)!
My friend Todd Murry has been building a Predator (remember that Predator movie with Arnold Schwarzenneger? or Aliens Vs. Predator?) costume for months now and I was so pleased when he asked me to assist him in the project. It has been absolutely AMAZING to see how this costume has come together!!! He needed Predator Dreadlock beads and commissioned me!!
They were a lot of fun to create and because of the hand-made (hand-texturing and 'carving') nature of each bead, I was pleased to be able offer Todd something truly unique. I think they turned out quite well!
Below are photos with a good view of one of both the movie Predator's Dreadlocks

Todd's Predator mask with Dreds!

And, to wrap this all up, here is where you can see me or my Creations at CONvergence :
Art Show (Thursday through Sunday)
Artist Alley (Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 2pm)
and Hither and Yon!

If we don't have a chance to visit during CONvergence, don't forget the upcoming Shadows Faire , which is the very next weekend!
Come on down and visit myself and the many other fabulous vendors there! There will be all sorts of Intuitives, Alternative Health Practitioners, Hand-crafted oils and candles, and much, much more!
I hope to see you soon!!!
Have a Fabulous Independence Holiday Weekend!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another...

Life is very much like a Fixx song right now!
Minneapolis Pride is over and it was a weekend of mixed experiences. We tried out early set-up this year and that went quite well! Very pleased with ourselves, we went on with our errands and evening plans. Then the storms came through and, given the reports we received, we started to worry. So, we drove back to Loring Park to check on the tent and canopy. To our relief, ours was standing strong!
Pride was a lot of fun despite the weather, which continued to be very changeable. So changeable that all the vendors were told to clear the Park early, due to severe weather!
Sunday's weather was absolutely beautiful!
And lots of fabulous people!!!
A BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who stopped by to say HELLO!!!,give hugs, compliments and just chat for a bit. I was very proud to be a part of this Diversity Celebration.
Sadly, Sunday ended on a sour note. It appears that two necklaces and a pendant walked away during the last few hours of the show. All I have to say about that is to quote a friend and fellow artist when she mentioned a special hell for those that shoplift from Artists and Artisans. On the bright side, this led to brainstorming new booths arrangements that might actually cut our set-up and tear-down time considerably while providing more security for the creations. That would be a blessing!

So, here are some photos from the weekend!

By the way: For those of you who inquired about me quoting costs for some of the materials I've used in my creations, please contact me privately for that information. Thank you.
I'll have some of my creations in the Art Show, as always this year, but I have NEWS!!!
For the first time, I'll be in Artist Alley this year!!
Come on down and see me Friday from 1-2pm creating Jewelry and Saturday at the same Bat Time and same Bat Place doing Faerie Tarot Readings!
I've been pondering what exactly I might do for these demonstrations and I'll be at the Alley with my Dremel, drill bits and laptop keyboard keys in hand!!
And since there really is no better way to demonstration Faerie Readings except to have one done, that's what I'm up to on Saturday.
If there is a creation you've seen as of late that you'd like to purchase at CONvergence, please contact me and I'll make certain to bring it.
And now... on with the preparations!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Feel-Good Story and the Weekend!

The Feel-Good Story:
Oscar, the amputee cat

And the weekend:
I"ll be in Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN, USA participating in Twin Cities Pride!!
I'm in the Red Section, Booth #1079! Stop on by for a visit and to see the new creations!!
Some of the creation titles include:
Midsummer's Dream
Perfect Circles
Under Locket & Key
Starry Night
and more!
Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Week Fini-Old and New!

This is the last post of my Birthday week and this is good timing! I have three shows in the near future, starting with Pride next weekend, CONvergence over the July 4th weekend and ending with the MN Shadows Faire weekend after that! I'm finding inspiration from many different sources as well as next week's preparations proceeding in many different directions!
So, for your viewing pleasure, I have a few creations that are an eclectic mix of old and new styles that fit with this theme of the day!
As always, click on over to my
Etsy shop to see them in more detail!

Old Time Fynery
A perfect combination of old and new, this necklace is created from recycled chain and a charm, swarovski crystals, lampwork glass, and metal.

Modern Art
Measuring in at a versatile and impressive 43 inches, this necklace is all about vibrant color and options! Finished with two lobster claw clasps, this necklace can be clasped around itself at a desired length and worn in one, two or three loops (depending on wearer's neck size). The majority of the beads are limited edition Amy Fill handmade glass beads. Sadly, Ms. Fill has moved on from her glass bead creation, so there are no more of these luscious beads to be had! These art beads are mixed with furnace glass cane beads and small glass seed beads to create a dramatic punch of color that will coordinate with everything from jeans to an evening ensemble.

See you next week!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Week Continued- Adventure Bound!

I'm posting Thursday's post a bit early as I'll be heading out early and be away from the keyboard much of the day on an adventure! I'll be out and about in Southern Minnesota. I'm looking forward to the break from creating for my next show and the literal! change of scenery!
So, here are new creations to entice you with! Of course, if you'd like to adopt them, you don't have far to travel! Just click on over to my
Etsy shop!

Universal Wisdom
A dainty yet sturdy filigree star suspended and interwined with branches woven together (or have they grown that way?) in a circle.
Is this a reminder of the wisdom of Nature that surrounds us? An ancient amulet gift? It could be either of these or whatever strikes your fancy!
Lovely, hand-finished brass filigree and jumprings, made with eco-friendly processes in the USA.

Adventure Bound
The compass rose has been a symbol of reference and adventure since mankind first drew up maps. This handsome token of adventure features a Raku-fired ceramic compass rose strung on brown leather lacing, finished with hand-finished brass ends (made with eco-friendly processes in USA), jumprings and clasps.

Navigate on over to my Etsy shop for more details on the Raku firing process and I'll see you on Friday with the wrap-up to my birthday week celebration!

Birthday Week Continued- Glimpses...

At this moment, it is not raining!!! In fact, there are glimpses of the sun between the clouds!
This reminded me of glimpses we see of our lives and others. These 'snapshots' have always been doorways into different perspectives for me and I love to peek into each person's world to see what can be found!
The creations pictured below illustrate this and you are welcome to click on over to my
Etsy to see them in more detail!

A Glimpse in the Forest
As we walk softly through the Great Forest, we part the leaves to see our way more clearly. And suddenly, our attention is drawing to a serene face, we can just barely see in and amongst the leaves. Is it an elf? A fairy? A ? After standing transfixed for a moment (or more), we move quietly on.. so as not to disturb it's slumber, carrying home with us the gift of this rare glimpse in the forest.

Greeting the Dawn
With materials hailing from exotic lands such as Africa and Thailand, this is intended to be evoke the sense of an ancient prayer. In most aboriginal cultures, the dawn was worshipped as a (usually feminine) deity and was considered a time of new life, possibility and awakening. The image of this necklace is pan-aboriginal and the intent is of a timeless prayer for the concepts mentioned above.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Week Celebration - Cocoa and Musings...

Birthday Week Continued– Cocoa and Musings...
Today looks to be a day full of rain, mist and clouds and I am sipping my cup of cocoa while I type this. It may seem strange to be enjoying cocoa in June and yet it is perfect for a day such as this.
Misty-cloudy days always put me in a reflective mood and chocolate in some form is perfect for reflective moods, say I!
With that in mind, I wanted to show you a few more creations I listed in my
Etsy shop.

These earrings are “On the Path” and features a lotus flower focal accented by garnet and sterling silver.

Lotus flowers have long symbolized the path to enlightenment. They are beautiful flowers that literally grow out of muck and mud, through water and into the air and sunlight.
Legend says that garnets are thought to have protective and curative properties; curative to both body and emotional challenges.
Silver thought to help with intuitive guidance.

Bones of Time
I've had these carved wooden skulls rattling around for a while and finally inspiration struck! Somewhat in the line of the Steampunk Genre.. more like Steam Pirate...but what an interesting juxtaposition of the precision of the watch gears with the roughly-carved wood! And what would the Bones of Time look like? Why not this? After all, we only have a rough idea of our lives and what they're made of, yet the world around us has some much intricate precision to admire!

See, what did I tell you? A reflective mood indeed!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Week Continued- Explosions!

I mentioned last Friday, I've decided to take a good friend's advice and celebrate my birthday for an entire week! So, I'll be listing new creations in my Etsy shop every day of this week (until Friday)!
I took some time away from the computer this weekend to celebrate and to see the new A-Team movie! I wanted to see the good 'old-fashioned' cartoony-ness that brushes slightly by reality that the A-Team TV show was (Anyone else remember that?). Also, I wanted to see some explosions and destruction!!!
I give the A-Team movie two wings up (get it? Sprite Creations...Sprites..Fairies...Wings?) for this. I asked nothing more than to be entertained and have some continuity with the original show and it delivered with gusto! So, in honor of explosions and destruction, I've listed a few fire-y items in my Etsy shop today... click on over and take a gander!

Fiery Hearts

Drops of Fire

Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

Today is my birthday!
I've adopted a long-ago suggestion from a good friend and decided I will celebrate my birthday all week long (starting today!). The celebration includes listing new creations in my Etsy shop! I've already started by adding a necklace, bracelet and several pairs of earrings!
I have creations that might be of interest to brides or bridesmaids, yoga students or teachers, steampunks, amber lovers and more! Stop on by and check out what I've been up to!!

Here are some photos to entice you to click on over!

Beauty, Playing

What a Steamship Mechanic Wears to the Ball

Monday, June 7, 2010

Shinies, Shows and News...

I have new materials!! I've pictured some of the goodies below and some of what was purchased and gathered were for creating my own materials as well as a Super Secret Project (which, of course, I can't tell you about.. yet)!
I'm excited to continue branching out into creating more of my own focals and accent beads/materials for my creations! This will give me the opportunity to match the finished creation more closely with the initial vision of it!

It is with a bit of sadness that I mention that I won't be at the Bead and Button Show for the first time in about 9 years. I will miss all the fabulous artists and vendors that have become 'show friends' to me and look forward to being there next year.
However, I still needed supplies for the upcoming slew of shows, so I took advantage of a wholesale show nearer to me and here are some of those pretties!

I'll be at Twin Cities Pride June 26th & 27th, CONvergence (in the Art Show) July 1st through the 4th and MN Shadows Faire July 10th & 11th.
I do have other shows in July and August, which are listed on my website's Event Schedule , but I think this is enough for now, don't you?

One last bit of news: As some of you may have noted, I have been hanging out and giving Faerie Readings at The Edge Coffeehouse every Wednesday since March. Given the rather busy schedule I've outlined above, I'll be taking a vacation from that arrangement to concentrate my time in the studio. Of course, I'll be available by appointment for Readings, just contact me! Or visit me at the shows!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

While I Was Out...

It is a recent development for me to find something I can create out in the world while still playing reasonably well with others! I've tried to create art other than rings out in the world whilst still being a good conversation partner and I end up feeling as though I cheated everyone of critical attention, including me! Whilst I was creating the latest bevy of beautiful rings (shown below) at The Edge Coffee Shop this week, people took notice! The rings received attention and compliments, much to my delight! And there could be a commission in the works!
May these fabulous rings help you kick-start your weekend with beauty and joy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little to the Left....

Today's blog is all about updates! I've moved my display within Santa Lucia, my Creation Location in Princeton, MN, USA. It is right across from the ice cream counter, so you can't miss it!! There are nifty jewelry display thingees on this display that really help my creations shine! So, if you're in the area, stop by to check it out.. and eat some of the FABULOUS ice cream!

Speaking of updates: you'll see me with freshly dyed hair in the picture below...I renewed my driver's license that same day so I wanted my hair to be at it's most vibrant for the photo! We'll see how it looks when I receive the new license in a few weeks!

And now: the shinies!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ringing in a Milestone... Of Sorts...

Had to go for the pun in the title 'cause I have more rings to show you-all!
Many of them are already in their Creation Location at Santa Lucia in Princeton, MN, USA, so feel free to go and meet and adopt them there!

And now for the milestone: I suppose this must happen to everyone who creates hand-made beauties and that it was only a matter of time until it happened to me... however..this is my first time. When restocking one of my Creation Locations, I found that half of the Creations no longer on the display were not paid for. They just 'walked out'. Stolen.
This was very disheartening. Literally. I create with my heart and soul as do many of you and to have the creations stolen is just wrong on so many levels. If y'all really NEEDED jewelry, you *could* just *ask* me to work something out....

This is literally taking food from my table as this is my livelihood...so, the next time any of you sees or hears of anyone joking about doing this or having done it... remember me and other artists like me and say something.

And now to the goodies!