Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Home is Where the Heart Is!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
 I hope your week is as busy and productive as mine, so far! I'm preparing for Johnstock and other activities this weekend, whilst attempting to create and feel as if I still live in my own home!
This week has been a fun mix more mundane household tasks with studio stuff! That said, I have new shinies to show you!
You've seen these two in the beginning stages of growth and now they are complete!
Home is Where the Heart Is Necklaces!
Title: Home is Where the Heart Is: Cobalt
Ingredients: Upcycled Home laptop key, Czech glass, metal, lead-free pewter.

I intended this design to be simple, sweet and sophisticated, so as to show off both Home key and Cobalt to maximum effect!
I absolutely adore the vibrant mysteriousness of Cobalt Blue! I had a lot of fun pairing the vintage feel of it with the antique brass-coloured chain and juxtaposing it all with the modern silver laptop Home key, for a timeless feel and sentiment!

Title: Home is Where the Heart Is: Flame
Ingredients:  Swarovski Crystal Wild Heart in Red Magma, Swarovski Crystal bicone in Jet, Czech glass, Jeweler's brass, metal, lead-free pewter. 
I love! the sparkly-ness (I'm *certain* that's a word!!!) of Swarovski crystal and wanted a necklace with a completely different feel for this second necklace!  The Wild Heart pendant is perfectly complimented in Red Magma and I hand-wrapped it in Jeweler's Brass!  I took inspiration from the molten and flame images to indulge in a more organic than precision wrap for the pendant!  The Home key is suspended by two segments of more fiery-hued beads and a final spurt of sparkle accents the clasp!  As opposed to the simplicity of the sister necklace above, there are many little details in this necklace, including the mixing of silver and gold metallic hues and a little flamey fillip on each portion of the toggle clasp!

These will be up in my Etsy Shoppe by tomorrow!  
So there you have it!  Another Whimsy Wednesday drawing to a close!
Below are details as to where to find me this weekend and I do hope you're able to come and visit!

Johnstock Saturday, June 2nd Only!
10am to 6pm
Along Johnston Street, near Crafty Planet
2833 Johnston Street NorthEast Minneapolis, MN 55418

I'll see you on Friday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Magical Monday! Travelling and Treasures!

Hello Everyone!
For those who celebrate the Holiday (or not), I hope your extended weekend is full of warmth, loving, good company and excellent memories!
The subject of this blog post is familiar to me as I've done a lot of travelling recently! However, what I've chosen to show you is a mix of "real" and "imaginary" places!
This is real-life "graffiti"... so I wonder if the treasure is real, too?
epic win photos - Hacked IRL: Right There!

This is a "real" underwater tea party! More details here! It took an awesome imagination to think of and execute this!
I've always loved tea parties because they are fabulous moments in time where one can sit down with other close companions with yummy little snacks, delicious teas and heart-felt conversation! Extra bonus points for it being a Mad Hatter Tea Party!!!  And, in this case, underwater!
epic win photos - Tea Party WIN

And the final destination for the day is a peek into the Faerie Realm with Artist Jody Bergsma!
I've loved and admired Jody's art for many years and wanted to share a little bit of this treasure with you!
Painting Title: Wild Magic

I hope you've enjoyed these travels and treasures as much as I did collecting them!
I hope you've enjoyed these travels and treasures as much as I did collecting them!
Speaking of treasures and travels.....
Here is where you can find me and Sprite Creations in June!

Johnstock Saturday, June 2nd Only!
10am to 6pm
Along Johnston Street, near Crafty Planet
2833 Johnston Street NorthEast Minneapolis, MN 55418

 BlogTalk Radio Interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom! Faerie Message #8 Tuesday, June 19th 3-4pm (CST, USA)

Arts and Crafts Show Sunday, June 24th Only!
10am to 5pm
Temple of Aaron
616 So. Mississippi Blvd Saint Paul, MN 55116

Have an excellent beginning of the week and I'll see you on Wednesday!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fini Friday! Homing In...

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
I hope your week has been excellent! As I was gathering photos and words for today's post, I realized that there has been much focus on uncomplicated, mundane, home-oriented tasks in the last few days! I'm betting it is because of previous extremely busy weekend of shows and other activities extending from Thursday to Tuesday! There are always projects that take a side-line when busy-ness ensues and I've found pleasure in simple activities such as mending, sewing, laundry and composing jewelry designs this week!
While my stitching skills are modest, I was pleased with how the patch on my favorite pair of jeans turned out and thought I'd share with you a little bit of art that those jeans now wear!  The patch is merely white with a subtle paisley pattern, but to me, that subtlety is rather sensual in it's texture and detail.  And really, your favorite pair of jeans should be sensual... after all, they're your favorite pair of jeans because they are worn to the point of comfy-right?!

This second photo is a bit of creations still growing and a bit of loot that I nabbed while on Walkabout today!  The sunny yellow organza gift bags are destined to hold earring and perhaps bracelet creations for those who adopt them at shows and possibly even on my Etsy shoppe!  The charming book on the left is titled "A Friend is Someone Who Likes You" and is a sweet and heart-felt book about just that subject!  And again, I noticed I was gravitating towards all things simple and comfortable, yet interesting and full of detail!  The three necklace creations you see are in the middle stages of growth and just need to be completed, with a few finishing touches of awesome clasps and etc.!
There you are, then!  Another Fini Friday...well.. Fini!
Before you go... take a gander at where to find me in June!

 June 2nd - Saturday - 10am to 6pm Johnstock!
This is near Crafty Planet all along Johnson Street in NE Minneapolis!  Come on out and support local businesses and artisans! 

(On the Web)
Tuesday, June 19th 3-4pm (CST, USA)
BlogTalk Radio Interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom!  We'll be talking about Fairie Message #8!

June 26th - Sunday - 10am to 5pm Arts and Crafts Show
This is at the (Air Conditioned!!) Temple of Aaron, along the lovely Mississippi River in Saint Paul!  
There will be paintings, photography, jewelry, leather goods, painted tiles, knit and crochet items, cards, fiber and cloth art and much more... over 50 vendors!

Speaking of focusing on the simple and heart-felt...I want to wish all of you a Safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend, even if you don't celebrate the Holiday.  My Thanks to all of you who have given of yourselves in defense of your loved ones or who are heros in any capacity!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Meet My New Friend!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
It is storming here, complete with rain, thunder and lightning!
I'm going to start out the post with earrings I suspect were inspired both by the Tesla "gun" yesterday and all of the natural energy playing around me today! First up!
Earring creations!
Title: Generators
Ingredients: Czech glass and acrylic beads, jeweler's bronze, gold-plated surgical steel earwires.
 I don't really think these need any more explanation and I do think they'd be fabulous additions to any Steampunk costume!

And now to meet my new friend!!!  He came to me this weekend from Meg at Scribblenest!  Isn't he just adorable?!  I love his little red paws!!!!
I don't have a name for him yet, so maybe I'll take suggestions from you, my blogging audience!  Type 'em in if you've got 'em!
He is meant to be a business card holder!  He can hold cards horizontally between front and back paw or vertically against his tummy!  If you visited me at Art-A-Whirl, you've probably been introduced to him already... but if not, say Hello to him as you visit us at future shows!

Look for those earrings to be up in my Etsy shoppe tomorrow!
And speaking of shows... June is coming up fast, so before you-all get busy with Memorial Day weekend preparations, take a gander at where to find me in June!

 June 2nd - Saturday - 10am to 6pm Johnstock!
This is near Crafty Planet all along Johnson Street in NE Minneapolis!  Come on out and support local businesses and artisans! 

June 26th - Sunday - 10am to 5pm Arts & Crafts Show
This is at the (Air Conditioned!!) Temple of Aaron, along the lovely Mississippi River in Saint Paul!  
There will be paintings, photography, jewelry, leather goods, painted tiles, knit and crochet items, cards, fiber and cloth art and much more... over 50 vendors!

And there we are!  Another Whimsy Wednesday post for your perusal!
Have an excellent Thursday and I'll see you for Fini Friday!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Temporary Tuesday! Colour, Time and Tesla!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to the second round of Temporary Tuesday! 
In addition to being away from Internet access, it appears that my server was down from Sunday until this morning, so! 
This is Temporary Tuesday, filling in for Magical Monday! 
A quick side note, any attempts to contact me via email during those dates will need to be resent! Thank you! 
Onward to the inspiration! 
 I believe this is in London... epic win photos - Colorful Street WIN 

A photograph that is very appropriate for Temporary Tuesday... epic win photos - Checking the Time WIN 
And lastly, A "Tesla Gun"! Complete with Mad Scientist, his Lab and Electricity!!! Mwwwhahahahaha!!!
Click here for the YouTube video! 
See you on Wednesday!!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday & Fini Friday! Leveling Up!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to the final post of this week! 
This has been a jam-packed week already and it promises to continue whirling by! 
This post will double as serving up both whimsy and that which is growing into completion! With that in mind, let's start off with our first photo and the title inspiration!
These are two levels that were reclaimed from being embedded in a level that had seen better days! I plan to create pendants with them. I've ideas of embellishing them with a bit of Faerie Dust and perhaps a Steampunk detail or two! Stay tuned! This second photo has a bit of a memento from the previous show and ideas for what might be found at future shows! 

The beautiful green fabric with the butterflies is a skirt that I procured from a fellow artist at the Faire over the weekend! I think it will be a fabulous addition to my Faerie Finery! The two necklace creations are still growing and are meant to be simple things with a cluster of interesting stuff hanging around the Home key, which is to be the focal. Once these have grown into completion, I'll tell you the rest of the story about them! 

And with that, the post ends! 
Well.... almost! I'll be many places this weekend and so there are many opportunities to stop by for a visit and adopt a shiny! 
First Up! 
Tomorrow is the Women's Gathering Expo fundraiser from 4 to 8pm! This is to help fund The Refuge, which provides services to those who have or are being abused. 
The event is jam-packed with activities and speakers in addition to a fine variety of artists and their wares! Come check us out if you're in the Forest Lake, MN (USA) area! 

Friday and Saturday will see me at the Waterbury building (Room 106) in Minneapolis (MN, USA) for the Art-A-Whirl
Stop by Friday from 5 to 10pm or Saturday from Noon to 8pm for a visit!  
OK! Now we're done!
Have a fabulous weekend and I hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Magical Monday...known this week as Temporary Tuesday!

Hello Everyone! 
I hope your weekend was excellent! Mine absolutely was! 
Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Spring Psychic Faire at Lake Harriet Spiritual Center! 
It seems my week is accelerating quite a lot so the posts this week will be brief! I've confirmation that I'll be at the Waterbury building (Room 106) for the Art-A-Whirl this Friday and Saturday! 
So, between that and the preparation for my BlogTalk Radio Interview today at 3pm (CST, USA) and the Women's Gathering Expo fundraiser on Thursday (4 to 8pm), the flurry of activity encouraged Magical Monday to slip my mind until late last night! Which is why it has been renamed to Temporary Tuesday.. as that's what it is this week!!! 
So, today is about Heros (redux)! First! Anyone who can keep this is a hero in my book!
 epic win photos - Open Sign WIN 

Next up! An awesome weather-man! epic win photos - Weather Report WIN 
Notice that this is a "Weather Forecat"? I wonder if his mind was wandering to a certain CatWoman at that moment? 

And, in conclusion... 
The first paralyzed woman to finish the Boston Marathon! epic win photos - Finishing a Marathon WIN 

And a few more housekeeping details I'll natter on about.... 
With shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and a few other commitments Sunday and Monday, my Etsy Shoppe will be on vacation until Monday of next week. 
Also, Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday posts will be combined this week! Whee!!! 
See you Wednesday! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fini Friday! Faerie Dust and Finery!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I've a few things to show you before I flit off in preparation for my two-day show this weekend!

First things first!  A little behind-the-scenes peek into the more mundane bits of my business.  I've a new batch of tissue paper that I believe I'll be using exclusively going forward!  This may seem a trivial detail, but this fits into one of the foci of my business!  After the success of the Saint Paul Art Crawl, I found I was running low on the recycled tissue paper that I use to wrap up the creations for their journey to their new home.  Reusing gently used tissue paper was just another facet of eco-friendliness that I was proud to build into my business.  However, while it was great to customize the color of the tissue paper if the creation was to be a gift, I found the siren song of simplification very appealing!  So, here it is!  Tissue paper embedded with spangles of Faerie Dust!  Perfect for wrapping all manner of Sprite Creations!   

And in finishing up this post, I have a new batch of Faerie Dust Bottles to show you!  Everything from Gothic-Mysterious-Noir Beauty to Jewel Tones to Moonlight Night and a few fun sparkly mixes inbetween!  Guess which are which! 

I'll have these available at the Spring Psychic Faire at Lake Harriet Spiritual Center! If you're in the Mpls./Saint Paul (MN, USA) are, stop on by for a visit!

See you either there or on Monday!
P.S.  Since all of my creations are one-of-a-kind, my Etsy shoppe will be on vacation from later today until Monday!  Thanks!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Wine, Whimsy and Rainbows!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
We are mid-way through the week and it has been quite eventful so far and there is more to come! Whee!
I'll start this off with a nifty I found as I was on walkabout today in the gorgeous sunshine!

See that awesome fabric? Yup! That is now MINE!! Mmmmwwaahahahaha! 
I envision a skirt or leggings created from that! I'll be sure to show you the finished creation(s) here, of course!  

On to more Whimsy! Both of these creations will be up in my Etsy shoppe no later than tomorrow... 
Let's start with A Quilting Bee!  Ingredients: Czech and millefori glass, vintage german glass, brass, pewter, metal 

I love so many things about this bracelet, especially all the bees! There are two pewter bees and two brass bees hanging in mid-flight and suspended between glass beads with various fabric-like finishes. I adore the quilted texture of the vermillion and clear beads! AND! It is all finished with a lovely vintage-inspired heart and key toggle clasp! YAY! 

In conclusion... the wine!!! Or at least a Wine Bottle Stopper! 
Title: In Vino Veritas 
Ingredients: Artisan glass beads(USA), lead-free pewter, plated silver stainless silver stopper. Simply stunning, I say!

One more batch of information before I take your leave! 
Where is Sprite Creations in May? I'll tell you! 
 LHSC Psychic Faire Saturday, May 12th 9:30am to 5pm Sunday, May 13th 11:30 to 5pm Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Center Minneapolis, MN (USA) 

Tuesday, May 15th 3-4pm (CST, USA) Message #7 From the Faeries! Blog Talk Radio Interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom!

 Women's Gathering Expo Thursday, May 17th Only! 4pm to 8pm This is a fundraising event for The Refuge, which serves those who have been abused. Maranatha Church Forest Lake, MN (USA) 

Rumor has it that I'll be around the Art-A-Whirl ! It is the May 18th through the 20th this year so stay tuned for more info on that! 
See you on Friday! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Magical Monday! Heros!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
I hope your weekend was excellent, as mine was!
This Post is in honor of the movie The Avengers debuting this weekend and of heros everywhere, including within!
Grab your capes and here we go!
Starting with the more mundane hero-type... epic win photos - Meter-Hero WIN

And on to a tribute of sorts to a personal hero of mine... epic win photos - USB Drive WIN

And, in conclusion, the more expected hero-type folks!
Bat-Convoy!!!!...Starting with the venerable Batmobile from the 60's TV Series!
epic win photos - Bat-Convoy WIN 
So, there you are! 
Be your own hero today! 
See you Wednesday! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fini Friday! Moving Forward!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
It has been a whirlwind of a week for me!
I'm fortunate in that this weekend offers a bit of downtime for me and I am looking forward to it!!
I'm pleased to say that my travels have involved obtaining several things that will move my studio life forward! I've been happily impressed with the Navy Blue velvet that I use for my table coverings at shows and have been looking forward to procuring alternative coverings of that same gorgeous velvet in Forest Green! It was my hope to attain that handsome green fabric in time to celebrate Spring! And so I have! This week I secured the fabric, along with many other nifties that were needsome!
Let me show you!
The background, of course, is that bonny afore-mentioned velvet! The crowned lion in gunmetal tones is a pendant I intend to embellish with resin and whatever else pops to mind during the creative process! The black velvet cord above that venerable lion is what will replace the elastic that is nearly spent on my Faerie Wings. And the bracelet below will definitely be upcycled in some manner, whether I embellish it "as-is" or disassemble it for those intriguing, round, almost filigree-like links remains to be seen!
But that was not all I was scored this week!
I am also restocked with ribbon for my tags, boxes and etc.!
Let me show you that pretty, dulcet ribbon!
There is a great deal of conventional business wisdom about branding that says that a person should pick out representative colours, logos and etc. and always stick with them. So, when I was purchasing the ribbon, I struggled with bringing home two each of the Emerald and Cobalt rolls. (These being the two primary colours of Sprite Creations.) However, I fell in love with the Sky Blue and Kiwi Green and decided that a variety of colours would suit my purposes. After all, I have rainbow-coloured letters in my banner and Faeries are often known to love all the colours of the rainbow! 
Also, I've had a very specific vision in mind for my booth space since the beginning. I've wanted to create the feeling of stepping into a Faerie Glen...with a delightful concoction of creations, colours, and textures (and sound, when I have control over that!) and so the different colours of ribbon fit right into that ideal! 
I'll be certain to update you here on this blog as these materials grown into a complete creation! 
For now, have an excellent weekend and I'll see you on Monday! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Dangly Chain!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!! 
I've new earring creations to show you, inspired by some of the fabulous jewelry I noticed on folks who attended the Saint Paul Art Crawl this past weekend! I was mesmerized by much of the long chain necklaces and earrings that winked at me from the necks and ears of those wandering by and decided to create with that in mind! 
 First, though, let me show you a few photos of my booth at the Art Crawl! We were given a beautiful spot between two lovely pillars in the Third Floor Atrium and it was just perfect for us! 
Take a peek!
Isn't that a gorgeous space for our bonnie booth? 
This next booth photo includes me in full Faerie-ness!
Many thanks to the excellent folks at the Lowertown Lofts for lending their attractive surroundings to us for the weekend! 
Also! Many, many thanks for all of those who came out to visit us and the Crawl! It was a very successful show! 
On to the shinies! 
This first pair of earrings is all about vibrant Cobalt and shimmery Silver! 
Title: Wandering the Moonlight Forest 
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals(cobalt), Czech glass, metal, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).
I love the air of mystery and magic about these! 
This last pair of earrings has the most obvious influence of the multitude of chain jewelry I mentioned spying this weekend... 
Title: Unchaining the Four Seasons 
Ingredients:Czech glass, copper, metal, gold-plated surgical steel earwires(hypo-allergenic)
These two earring creations are up on my Etsy shoppe now for your shopping pleasure! 
And there we are! 
All done with another Whimsy Wednesday post! 
I'll see you on Friday!!! I've some exciting things to show you!!!!