Monday, August 30, 2010

Every Witch Way!

I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine!
I was able to catch up with friends we hadn't seen for a while, eat good food, watch fun movies and just generally hang out!
Also!!!!!! We brought home my new (to me) motorcycle!!!!
I am sooooo excited - ZOOM!!!
Paperwork was completed today, so it is legal in MN, USA and has insurance!
Parts that aren't working are soaking in cleaning goo and repairs are proceeding apace! Hoping to ride it by the end of this week, if not sooner!! YAYY!!!!!
I need to find motorcycle beads or charms and create something in celebration....hmmmmm.....

And onwards to the contest!
As you may recall from last week, I was debating the merits of witch way (HA! See the pun?) to go with the Witch earrings. The aim was to educate and to include you, the reader, into the mix. No one chimed in with their opinion, so I was left to my own devices (MMMMmwwwwwhhahahahaha!!!).
I tried veering off on a completely different tangent and into bracelets! I dug through various stringing materials; trying first this leather, then that chain or cord...
But nothing would suit. Necklaces were right out!
So, I went back to earrings. And decided to do a compromise of sorts. I'd go with the Brass Cat Charms, but use colored jump rings to add some whimsy!
And here they are:

I'm especially pleased and amused with how the second jumpring just fits over the top of the witch's hat as the cat dangles down! Hee hee!!

That's it for now! See 'ya!

*Note: The witch glass beads and cat charms were provided free of charge via the Rings & Things Blog Partner program.*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Peek into a Designer's Brain...

I'm not sure whether offering a peek into my Designing Mind is a plus, but I do know it will be a learning opportunity for us all, so here we go!

First, I'll show you some of the Shinies I received in the mail early this week! It is a collection of charms and clasps from another designer, who fulfilled the specifications of Steam-goth-tastic, mischievous, spritely collection of charms and so forth perfectly as well as a nice selection of interesting clasps.

Do you see the old biplanes peeking out? And the single hot air balloon climbing through the collection? And the wrenches!! A double-headed ax, bicycles, keys and rollerskates, oh my!!
Very fun!

And now, the designing part!
The photo posted below is one of the many designing decisions I make daily.

The witches are courtesy of Rings-N-Things Blog Partner program.
And what is a witch without her cat????
The basic design is the same for both choices... the cat is to dangle at about the height shown and so as to nestle just under the witches hat (as much as physically possible, of course! Bending space and time is generally frowned upon in jewelery design..... unless a person could patent that....... but I digress!! *grin*)
So, the choices are thus:
Left: The witch with the brass cat stamped charm dangling at about that height. This is the lighter of the two designs. Weight, especially in regards to earrings, is one of the many design variables to consider. This cat, being smaller, will likely appear to tuck under the hat a bit better, too.

Right: Follows the Black Cat legend that matches ebony feline with the earthy feminine. Cliche or deeply meaningful; that's for the wearer to decide!
This will be the weightier of the two designs, but follows the classic stereotype mentioned above so gains a few points for whimsy!

The finished pair of earrings will sport the design elected by the majority of responses!

And now, to help motivate you to use your keyboard and reply, these finished earrings will be awarded to a winner chosen in a random drawing from those with the majority design choice!

I'm "all ears" waiting for your design feedback! (See the pun? Cat, ears.... MMmmwwwhahaha!)

Nuts & Bolts:
Responses will be accepted until 8pm CST Sunday, August 29, 2010, with the results announced Monday, August 30th.
The winner will be notified and shipping arrangements will be made privately via email.

*NOTE: Sprite Creations is not currently set-up to ship outside the contiguous 48 United States. Unfortunately, if you are outside of these parameters, we won't be able to send these earrings to you. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our readers.*
I reserve the right to select another winner or modify the rules if necessary.

Friday, August 20, 2010

More Spooky Goodness!

I've made steady progress this week on a number of fronts, yet I find it is Friday afternoon and I feel like I haven't done enough this week! I think it is because plans have changed so much from Monday to today and in the midst of adapting, I feel like not much was done. But enough of that!
I have Creations to show you!!

This first creation is not so much spooky as cool, modern and a bit industrial and a bit steampunk. I created the pendant from fishing lures, old watch parts and ICE resin. I love using "unconventional" materials in creating jewelry. Did you see the little synthetic garnet in the lower right hand "corner"? I *love* little details like that! I've paired the pendant with an unusual chain and gunmetal clasp to match the darker nickel lure in the pendant.
Without further ado, here is Chronos:

And now, the Sppoooooky part of the post!!! In a previous episode of "What is the Sprite Up to Now?", we found our Sprite twirling around with delight at the spooky wonders she received from RingsNThings Blog Partner Program. Now, let us see what she has done with the Coffin Picture Frame!


Since this was so clearly a coffin-shaped picture frame, I wanted an image and a feel that was spooky, elegant and preferably majestic. One character stood out from all the others to to fill that criteria...Dracula, of course! And only one actor could possibly honor all of those ideals...Bela Lugosi!!!! And so it is! An iconic image of inimitable Mr. Lugosi as the famed Dracula in our coffin!

The Nitty-Gritty:
The picture needed scaled and futzed-with for proper print and image quality. Once printed, I took a few moments with an art pencil and eraser and set about highlighting (or rather darkening) details in this image (since it was suggested that the glass might wash out some of the fabulous details of the now-minute image).

This frame is meant to sandwich the paper (or fabric) art between two panes of glass, but the over-engineering part of me was a bit concerned about a single sheet of paper slipping out between the framed panes. I cut out two of the same images and affixed them back to back so the paper art would be thicker and less likely to slip out accidentally(this also gave me double the spooky goodness!). I then carefully glued the back image to the back glass pane.
Thankfully, the advertisement of the glue drying clear is true, so none of the image was harmed in the glueing of it to the glass!

And there you have it! Grand Spooky Goodness!
I have yet more boo-tiful plans for the remaining haunting baubles, so stop back by to see what's brewing!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Forward Motion and Unloading...

Home again and unloaded from Deerwood Days. The show was odd in many ways.
Onward! A garage sale and preparations for it are afoot in my household. This dove-tails nicely with my mood and preparations for a very informal show this Saturday. My niece Hannah has her own jewelry business, Cosmic Creations, and she offered me booth space with her at Wahkon Days. This is a lark of a show, about 7 miles away from us, and I always enjoy her company!
I'm taking this chance as I sort through what I'll be taking to Wahkon Days this Saturday to look through my show traveling totes and containers and weeding out what I've not used yet!
This also coincides with light sorting as I look through my belongings for anything I'd like to put on the sale. This is a refreshing change!

In the meantime, I've spent some time creating this week, as well as other studio work. I'll show you some of that later this week!
I wanted to show you a necklace I created from big vintage lucite links, anodized aluminum jumprings, a ceramic unicorn, a few bits of glass, chain and a fairy clasp.

I originally purchased the lucite links with not a clue as to how I would use them, except that I would. And I purchased the unicorn to go with, not knowing how it would all fall together.
Voila! Here it is:
Rainbow Magic

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amidst the Buzz and Whirl...

Of preparing for the upcoming Deerwood Days in Deerwood, MN, I've finished several pairs of earrings, a few necklaces, rings and likely a mixed-media creation to show!
Deerwood Days actually starts tomorrow! at 9am!! Figuring in travel and set-up time...I'll have everything ready tonight so we can merely pull out at O-Dark-Hundred tomorrow morning. Not a fan of that, BUT! the fair aspect of the show closes at 5pm tomorrow and runs from 9am!!! again on Saturday and ending at 4pm. The shorter evening closing time will be quite welcome!

I wanted to show you a few photos of what I've been up to before I disappear into last minute preparations!

First, a general photograph of most of my recent new creations:

In the midst of all of this, I didn't resist playing with my new shinies from Rings-N-Things!* I'm looking forward to more time to play with these next week, but I took some time and played with some of the brass charms!
Voila!! Earrings!
Title: A Charming Halloween

While I found these charms quite detailed, I wanted to add some color and "punch" to the monochromatic palette they presented. That's when I was inspired to use the colored jumprings. I wanted these earrings to be whimsical and fun and to still center the attention on those cute charms, so I used three colors of the jumprings, but kept the hanging of the charms to a simple, single dangle.
I *love* them and hope they charm you, too!
Stay tuned next week for more Boo-goodness!

*The charms were provided free of charge through Rings-N-Things Blog Partner Program.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shinies in the Mail!!

I am so excited to share this with you-all!!
I was notified last week that Sprite Creations was one of winners of the monthly drawing to be a Rings N Things Blog Partner!!! This means I receive free shinies via the mail to play with!!! WOOHOO!!!
SO!! Here is a photo of the loot fresh out of the box (or still in the box...rather!)

As you can see, there is a definite Halloween/Day of the Dead/Harvest theme here.
I see twoooo owls, two witches, multiple cats, pumpkins, skulls of all sorts, a coffin picture frame, candy corn, gravestones and ghosties, oh my!

I have to tell you-all, I Love, LOve, LOVE those little owls!!!! Ideas sprang forth as soon as I saw them!! AND I have something in mind for that coffin picture frame!!!! *MMMMWWWAAHAHAHAHA!!*
(Hey, It's a Halloween theme, the PERFECT time for an Evil Laugh!)

So!!! I'll keep you posted as each creation that include these materials grows into completion and together we'll spread the creativity love!

If you'd like to check into this program, click here!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bits and Bobs of News!

With the latter part of last week being taken up with preparations for a Birthday Gathering, my updates have become a little disjointed!
So, let me take you back to the last full weekend of July...Saturday, the 24th to be specific! I was fortunate enough to spend some time with two of my closest friends from college and their friends and family. One of those friends moved Across the Pond to England during our college days and so visiting with her was a rare treat! We all met at the Mall of America because her now-teenage-daughter (My! How time flies!!!) wanted to shop there. It was much fun, much laughter and not nearly enough time to catch up!
There was a request for me to bring my jewelry creations to the reunion and so I discovered how to pack my creations for travel and outfit myself with a traveling adoption/sales kit (as it were). I was able to fit everything into a medium-sized purse/bag that would still be comfortable enough for 4-6 hours of shopping. Whew!!
I am pleased and honored to say that both college chums and the teenage daughter found creations that they liked and so now I have some creations that are residing happily in Englad!!! WOOT!
I am also flattered to note that one of the creations purchased was a High School Graduation present to a niece!!! AWESOME!!!!

That takes us to the weekend of July 31 and August 1st.
I was in Saint Paul at the JS Bean Factory for their Bean Factory Artist Market.
This was an excellent weekend, with a small but diverse fair or artists and, of course, excellent coffee, tea, frappes, munchies and Live Music!!!
Bonus was that we were able to get a sweet spot under the coffee shop's awning, so that we didn't have to set up our tent! YAY!
I've some photos down below!
Photos are provided by Sprite Creations and Suzanne Gabois-Thomas, a guest photographer.

Which brings me to our next show!
Sprite Creations will be making our first appearance at the Deerwood Summerfest in Deerwood, MN, USA. In a slight change from our usual shows, this festival runs Friday, August 13th from 9am to 5pm and Saturday, August 14th from 9am to 4pm. Don't look for us on Sunday, 'cause we won't be there!!! *grin*

And then! A Break! Our next show will be mid-September when we again return to the Bean Factory Artist Market the weekend of September 18th and 19th.
In the meantime, you can catch up with Sprite Creations via our website , our blog or our Etsy shop

See you soon!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Exciting News!!!

One of my creations is featured in the Steampunk Visions Collection on Artfire!!!

Title: What a Steamship Mechanic Wears to the Ball