Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creations Progress and Musings on the New Year

Creations Progress:
I have new earrings finished and will have pictures taken soon so that I can show you-all!

There are several cat earrings, a few birds, one pair with purple roses and one pair with pegasus (pegasi?) I am pleased to say that I've made significant progress on all of my present commissions. One earcuff needs tweaking, one earring/earcuff combination needs a bit more negotiation with the owner and will be done, one pair of earrings is finished and just awaits delivery to their person, and I just received the leather cording today for another commission, so I can get started on that! YAY!  

As I head into the New Year; I am musing about business, life, construction thereof (of both), and all the ways we complicate our own lives. Isn't it interesting how we talk ourselves out of believing in ourselves? Recently I overheard one artist comparing themselves to another, saying how their own work isn't nearly the quality of the other. This I did not agree with, but the comment itself was something I'd heard before. And was something I'd said myself. Which cause me to reflect on all the ways a person (and sometimes me) can really be unkind to themselves and their talents. Also, that everyone has their own unique talents, so it is not accurate or fair to compare ourselves with someone else. Hopefully I can remember this a good ways into the New Year!

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