Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Learning Experience

The show on Saturday was a win and not-so-win.
Financially it was a not-so-win.
In terms of making connections, it was a win.
Lots of compliments from fellow artists and vendors.
Attendance was expected to be high, given what I had seen of a similar show hosted at the same place, with much the same compliment of vendors in March.
Attendance was less than 1/3 of that earlier show.
There were several factors involved with this, though none of them related to me or my creations, which is always good to know.
I will consider these factors in the future.

I've been able to get quite a bit of administrative things done that were put off in the flurry of pre-show activity. This is always good!
I'm creating new art with vintage glass and finishing a necklace that has been on my plate for quite some time.
The vibrant water-colors of it make my heart sing and it has more than a few nods to the Art Deco/Vintage genre.
When I have it finished, I'll post pictures...

In other show news:
My next show is June 27th and 28th- Pride!!! Loring Park, Mpls. See my website http:spritecreations dot dnsdojo dot com for details.
I'm excited to announce that I have finalized arrangements for the 2009 Coffee Crawl!
It is July 25th at the JS Bean Factory in Saint Paul, MN.
This show is all about supporting independent businesses! Indie art and artists in and indie coffee house. It doesn't get much better than that!
All of the Coffee Crawl artists will have a piece of their art displayed at the Bean Factory for the month of June! Stop by and check it out!

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