Friday, December 27, 2013

Fini Friday! A Full Heart!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
This has been a busy week and I've missed posting nifty things for all of you!
I've much to share with you!
Shiny things first and then the news!

I've been wanting to create felt ornaments for quite some time and this bunch of Winter Holiday celebrations seemed the right time for hand-made (and heart-felt) gifts!
This double-sided heart is my first one!
 Sparkly side first, of course!  All of the felt used is made from recycled fibers!  I'm pleased that this turned out to be such a warm, cheerful, whimsical and humble creation!
I've my eye on creating a moon, star, and perhaps owls or ?
Stay tuned to see what happens next!!!

And now, the news!
I've started working outside of Sprite Creations this week!  
I love the new position, the company, the people and am so grateful to have this opportunity!  What does this mean for Sprite Creations, you ask?
Sprite Creations will continue (of course!) as well as the trend in the past year of only participating in physical shows that are the best match for us!  I am using this outside employment opportunity to keep Sprite Creations the beautiful, whimsical, magical gem that it is.
Please do keep in mind my online store ( Etsy shoppe), and that we're available to throw Sprite Creations parties at homes or offices as well as virtually and using Skype! 
More details are on my website.
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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