Friday, April 10, 2009

New Creations-Earrings

I have new earrings to show you!
Actually, I have several, so I'll be posting more over next few days.
Here is the first round:
The first pair is titled:
A Little Nibble
Everyone needs a little snack now and then! This is the debut of my first collection of polymer clay beads! The cheese beads are hand crafted with love by me. Ingredients: hand made polymer clay cheese beads, glass, plastic, sterling silver

Powering Atlantis

Can't you see the power crackling through the top receptor?
Hear the hum of the energy?
Is the glow in the shell energy powering Atlantis or the light of stored energy? This is just one of the many mysteries the owner of these earrings could unlock!
Ingredients: crackled glass, czechpressed glass, seed beads, metal, plated gold surgical steel earwires

Title: Postcards from Atlantis-Peace and Prosperity
A reminder of what it was like to travel down the grand hallways of Atlantis. The beautiful watercolors, the beautiful lotus flower adorning the soaring columns, the arcane coins that constituted their currency....
Well, perhaps none of us remember that...exactly...but these earrings are certainly a unique souvenir of a trip we wish we could take.
Ingredients: Vintage glass, glass, metal, gold plated surgical steel

Title: Cats Have Never Forgotten
There is a saying that Cats used to be worshipped as gods and that they have never forgotten this.
Is it Bast sitting atop her Egyptian Lotus flowers? She is said to be a guardian, protector of household, the underworld and gateways as well mistress of both sun and moon. Anyway you fancy it, you're in good company with these earrings!
Ingredients: czechpressed glass, leadfree pewter dangles, metal, goldplated surgical steel earwires

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