Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Road

I've not much experience creating on the road yet, so I'm not certain how often you'll see this post. I thought it would be interesting to share bits of my artistic life when I'm out and about as well.

I don't have a photo of what this turned into as I made it while I was in a laundromat and gave it away in that very same place. Alas, I do not carry a camera with me, so I'll have to attempt to paint with words.

I was at a laundromat a few weeks back and made the acquaintance of an older couple who came in quietly, began their laundry tasks and started reading the books they brought with them.
I was creating a dangly-tassel-thingee that was to fit on the end of a bookmark a few tables down and waiting for my dryer.
After some time,the gentleman ambled near, looking for different reading material, and asked about my creation. We fell into a brief, easy conversation before he returned to his chair and his book.
A short time later, both my laundry and my creation were complete.
I showed the completed piece to both of them as I was leaving. Compliments were given and I walked out with the strangest feeling that this had already found it's person.
I loaded up and started the car and sat for a moment, pondering.
I killed the engine, locked up the car and traced my way back inside the laundromat.
I approached the couple with a smile and gave the creation to them, explaining that it was the least I could do.
You see, in prior conversations with the gentleman, there was mention about appointments at the Veteran's Hospital.
This was the least I could do to start to repay at least one of the people who sacrificed so that I and all U.S. Citizens could enjoy the freedom that we do. He seemed pleased by the gift, but immediately stressed that he was but one of many Service Men and Women.

The rectangular orb with the nifty guardian is Vintage Lucite.
Also Artistic Wire and glass.

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