Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Short Summary of What I've Been Up To:

*Big Grin*
There has been much reorganization of the studio and will be more now and then as I tweak things so they work better.

I'm nearing completion on a set of earrings and ear cuff that involve mice and the CHEESE! beads that I posted about earlier.
It's person seems pleased with the design and now I just need to bend some wires to my will and it will be done!! *MMmmwwwaaahahhaahaa!**

I shipped out a commission yesterday that came through Etsy. This brooch has been in the works for a little while and I was glad to send Waterbaby on her way to her new home! You can see her at the top of this post.

Places to See My Creations:
I've been busy researching shows in which to display my creations. My goal is to participate in shows that would not only provide a living for me, but have a higher purpose as well.
This Spring and Summer, you can meet me and my creations in person at:
Twin Cities Healing Symposium Saturday, 9 of April, Brooklyn Center
Twin Cities Pride 2009 Saturday and Sunday 27 an 28 of June, Loring Park, Minneapolis
I am also excited and pleased to let you know that there are more brick and mortar places to see my creations!
SaraCura near the U of MN Minneapolis Campus
Sacred Path Center at University and Raymond in Saint Paul
Pappagallo, in the Galleria, Edina.
Made of Mora Union Street, Mora
I'm delving into a few other possibilities as well and will keep you updated as these materialize.

After delivering creations to the above locations last Thursday, very few creations came home with me.
SO! I've been creating like mad!
I'll have photos as soon as I edit them.
Here is a sneak peek of some of the titles, for now.
The Paleontologist's Laboratory
The Egyptologist's Laboratory
Afternoon Tea
Powering Atlantis

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