Monday, July 19, 2010

Arting the Pickup...

Some people "pimp" their ride. That would not be me - I'm "Art-ing" my ride!
This is Stage 1.
The Pickup is clean and scrubbed vigorously with a wire-brush. That was to get as much of the flaky rust off as possible. Also the most heart-breaking because even though I *know* this is a '79 Toyota... it is one thing to have a metal flake just barely hanging on and another to have a HOLE. *sigh*
Still.. it is all in the name of creation....!
So, here are the pictures of The Beginning:

This will definitely be a work in progress! The next step? Start spray-painting!
There will definitely be stars, and moons and rainbows.. possibly faeries.. probably "Sprite Creations" painted on somewhere.. or several somewheres... hmmm... possibly a Death Star....*more pondering* Any thoughts? Ideas?

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