Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sprite Creations at CONvergence-The Old and New

Sprite Creations returned to the CONvergence Art Show for the 5th consecutive year. I arrived Thursday mid-morning to check-in my creations and found that space was nearly gone!! A happy circumstance for CONvergence and a bit of a surprise to me! There was so much excellent artwork of all kinds in the show this year and I was proud to be part of it!! About half of what I entered were creations less than a week old, so this was the first time anyone was able to see them! I am grateful for the many compliments received and interest in my work.
Here are a few photos of the display and creations.

Sprite Creations was new to Artist Alley this year and I planned interactive demonstrations with care. Friday saw me with Dremel in hand, drilling through laptop keyboard keys! It was a lot of fun and a few earring sets found homes! Of course, being at a Science-Fiction/Fantasy Convention, it was a requirement to create the Ctrl-Alt-Delete set similar to what you see here:

The set above was actually in the Art Show, a nice bit of coordinated marketing that I was proud of.
Saturday was slated for Faerie Readings and, due to lack of interest, there was not much of a chance to demonstrate.
All part of the learning experience as I ponder returning to CONvergence's Artist Alley next year.
So, there's the scoop and here endeth this entry!

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