Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whimsy Wednesday! Warm Heart, Warm Hands!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to this Whimsy Wednesday!
Winter has most definitely arrived and settled in for a spell in my neck of the woods!
There is much sparkly snow and plenty of colder temperatures outside! This, along with late Winter Holiday present coordination inspired me to create these heart-warming ornaments in the early morning hours today.
Take a look!
Sparkly side!
Golden Yellow Side!

These ornaments were created along the idea of the saying "Cold hands, warm Heart". See how those mittens are cradling the heart, helping it to stay warm?  And how the heart is sparkly-firey-red and sunshine gold?  Perfect to return the favor and keep those mittened hands toasty!!!
My wish is for everyone to have both warm hands and a warm heart, especially during this colder season! These are also created with a little bit of "heart-warming" whimsy and with an eye towards wishing people all the warmth and best of life has to offer! 
Quite a bit packed into those little creations, eh?!
And with that, I'll close this post and look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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