Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steampunk or Vintage Watch Part Creations, Part II

So! Remember that wonderful box of vintage watch parts I posted about a little while back?
I have creations with a few of those components to show you!

The first is titled: Red is the Color of War.
Ingredients:vintage watch parts, glass, aluminum jumprings, Sterling Silver earwires.
These watch parts remind me of war machines of some other time and place.

Next up is: Clockwork Jewels
Ingredients: vintage watch parts (with synthetic garnets inset), natural garnets and Sterling Silver.
Garnets are used in some watch parts due to their harness and therefore durability and resistance to wear.

Finally, Wheel of Days
Ingredients: Vintage watch calendar wheels, vintage metal stamping, glass, natural brass wire, Sterling Silver jumpring.
I fell in love with this Art Deco style vintage metal stamping and knew it had to come home with me. Months later, when I saw these calendar wheels, I KNEW I had to do something with them.
When the title popped into my head one day, the rest of the creation followed rapidly!

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