Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teaching Thoughts

I'd thought about teaching for quite some time. Indeed, I'd revisited that idea every time it was mentioned to me. For various reasons, not the least of which was lack of confidence and lack of desire to teach, I haven't taught many people. However, circumstances converged in January to convince me otherwise. A few chance encounters in town helped me to realize that perhaps I do like teaching and that this may be a direction I want to go. So, I've offered a Beginner's Beading class through my local Continuing Education facility. I offered two dates, one in February and one in March. The February class was canceled for lack of participation. I haven't heard about the March class yet. Initially, I took this a bit personally (as is my wont) and was sad. However, there are many reasons circumstances work out as they do and we rarely have the opportunity to really know all the whys and wherefores.
As I visited my local Art Center to print out materials for my upcoming visit to stores and shops for consignment and wholesale opportunities, I was invited into a class being held by a fellow wire-working artist for the local school children. I hovered in the background, as I waited for the printing to be finished, listening and watching. And walked away feeling rather good about the design and materials I had prepared for my class. And feeling rather pleased about my skills as a teacher. So, if this March class is canceled for the same reason as the previous class, I'll still move forward with the teaching; consider what other classes I might offer, when and where.

I'm including this picture of Leonardo Di Vinci's work in this post as his sketches have always seemed to me to be wonderful teaching materials. These sketches and drawings are lessons in and of themselves. Portraits of a brilliant mind and bright ideas.

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