Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update Vignettes

They went well. I was well-prepared due to another member of my household having filed self-employed taxes for more than a few years now. I learned a lot about what information the government(s) do and do not care about and I am moving forward with this information. I will use this to structure my systems for the future.

New and different sales (adoption) venues:
There is a new place to find me on the web in addition to my Etsy shop. Check out my new ArtFire on-line shop
I will have different creations for sale at each place, so please do me the favor of checking both this store and my Etsy from time to time.

I am also checking into more brick and mortar store opportunities so that you have a chance to see my creations in person! I'll update when I have more news about that!

Convention: I attended a small Sci-fi/Fantasy convention this past weekend. This particular convention has an Art Auction whose only rule is that all Art entries must be made at the convention. I created two pairs of earrings (Warriors of the Forest and Swimming). I am proud and honored to say that one of the pairs, titled Swimming, inspired a bidding war and ended with a request to make a second pair; with all proceeds charitably donated. Though this is a rare thing for me to do, I was happy to create a second pair. I am thrilled to report that everyone is pleased with their creations.
Also, Swimming sparked a commission, also completed at the convention, titled The Depths of the Ocean.
I've included pictures.

Commissions: Also delivered to it's person at the convention was a commission entitled: The Well-Fed Cat: Today's Menu: Fish! This is the first in a two-part series of commissions for the same person. The commission is an ensemble of four earrings and an earcuff.

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