Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another peek into my creative process...

I arrived home with treasures from the previously mentioned local bead shop (because, really, how can a person NOT come home with shinies?!)!
Below is a picture of what came home with me!

The next photo are the materials that match and the ideas they sparked...

The two big circles of blue and green together remind me of an underwater wreck with the algae and various sea creatures growing on it.

The bittersweet-colored big circles have so many possibilities... steampunk, vintage, earthy/organic, fae... maybe I'll try some resin in some of the oval cut-outs....we'll just have to see!!

And lastly, I picked the red and blue lucite pieces specifically to match the materials you see them with. They look like an excellent match (that red is not an easy match!) and I am excited to see how they grow into creations!

I will, of course, post pictures as these develop and you are welcome to stop back from time to time to check on their progress!

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