Monday, January 4, 2010

Inspiration from the skies and a new adventure...

In honor of the waning Blue Moon in this New Year:
A hand-hammered brass bookmark, hand-crafted with beads, one that is hand-made ceramic.
Title: Blue Moon Dance
Hand-hammered brass rod, hand-wrought ceramic, glass, cat's eye, metal.

I am looking forward to the adventures of this New Year. I am looking forward to moving in new directions of creating, exploring and expanding the groundwork that was laid last year.
I will develop my on-line studio, shop and presence more and do what is needed consistently to move confidently forward in tailoring circumstances of every part of my business and studio life to what works best for me.

I've mulled this over quite a bit since reading 's studio blog regarding choosing a word to represent her year ahead.
My word is Adventure.

I wish you exciting and beautiful adventures in your new year and hope you will join me in mine!

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