Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm back from a busy and fun weekend and ready to start the week with a blog entry!!! I find myself pondering quite a bit about time-past, present, future and alternate history/timelines. This is likely helped by the fact that I spent part of this weekend helping friends clean out old paperwork and various detrius in an effort to reclaim space in their house. This was actually more fun than it sounds like as the paperwork was near their TV and so I had movies playing in the background as I worked! I started with the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" and moved on to "Galaxy Quest" and finished up with part of "Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers". Quite a few eras to travel in so few hours!

All of this has influenced the creation of the new earrings I have to show you today!

Their title is Baroque Jewels and they are stunning in an unusual way.

The main beads are carved bone flowers that have traveled with me for over 15 years. The bone flowers were wrapped by me in hand-finished brass filigree with faceted mother of pearl and Swarovski crystal jewels trembling below. A baroque pearl and tiny glass beads finish this fabulous and textural ensemble of unusual and ornate materials.
The word Baroque was taken from the Portuguese word meaning "a pearl of irregular shape." It was initially used to imply strangeness, abnormality and extravagance. This perfectly describe these earrings and the inspiration behind them.
These are in my Etsy shop now.

That is a little of which (or what!) era I'm in right now...Thank you for your visit. Stop by again and see what (or when!) I'm up to next!

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