Monday, March 22, 2010

Flashes Through the Steam, Mist & Machinery...

The earrings featured in my post today were started at the end of last week. I had to act on the hard task of laying them down, partially complete, to prepare for and travel through my weekend adventures. And so it was with joy and a bit of intense purpose that I picked them back up and completed them today. It seems to me now that the break did them and me a good turn. The flashes from the vintage sequins are dreamy, which is an excellent counterpoint to the sharper, metallic flash from the metallic seqins, vintage jewelry bits and old watch parts. This is a perfect parallel for my mood today as I contemplate and integrate bits of what I learned during my weekend adventures and an audio interview I was listening to. The dreamy, iridescent hues are my contemplative reflections, my visioning and dreams incorporating the developments of these last few days. The flashes from the machinery remind me of the mechanisms of the various institutions that I (and we all) work with in the everyday and sometimes see the need to change, tear down and rebuild. The tiny watch parts also remind me that I am part of something much larger, something that I can only see parts of, through the mists. They are sharper, more focused flashes of insights, helping me see the kind of world I want to build. Suspended at the end of all of this are vintage (likely glass) faux pearls. They are not perfect and that is why I chose them to end these earrings. I wanted them to finish this design because they are beautiful, rough, a bit worn, and imperfect due to age. They remind me of the rebellious, irascible yet charming beauties we admire throughout history (Mae West, anyone?)

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