Friday, May 14, 2010

Hmmm.. there appears to be a theme....

I finished up one last batch of creations before pricing/tagging and inbetween packing and organizing for the festivities this weekend! These are pendants and I noticed two things after I was done. There is a preponderance of agate and the colours black and white. Not sure if that is significant or not, but there you are then!
They are all beautiful, none-the-less and all suspended on Sterling Silver wire with Bali or Sterling Silver for the finishing touches. So, in and amongst the black agate, you'll find dragons and phoenix, stars, and amber. The small round pendant in the middle is fire-crackled agate from Tibet. And just for something a little different, we spy quartz in the bottom right corner topped with a hematite star.

Here is a photo of these beauties!

And with that, onward with the day!
You can find me and these pendants at the Creation Locations below during this fabulous weekend!
Happy Hour Psychics from 4 to 8pm at Spirit River in Anoka, MN, USA and Spring Psychic Faire at Lake Harriet Spiritual Center at 44th and Upton in Minneapolis, MN, USA! Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 1 to 6pm.
It would be lovely to see you during this time!

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