Thursday, May 6, 2010


Really, that's been my theme these last few days!
I've photos to show you of my most recent creations and there are Swarovski crystals and Cubic Zirconia, oh my!
It was a lot of fun creating with all of this and I particularly liked pairing the sparkly crystals with the lampwork beads and recycled components, the contrast of (literally!) old and new and how this was reflected in the finishes and textures.

Here is the group photo of the hearts - cubic zirconia and lead-free pewter with crystals. I don't think they respond to the typical photographic encouragement to smile, "Chheeeesse". But they do warm my heart. (HA!! PUN INTENDED!)

And the necklace that is SO eco-friendly with it's recycled/upcycled materials! (Don't forget those crystals peeking out here and there!)
Title: Old Time Finery

Look for more coming soon! I'm on a roll! I'm experimenting with a new clasp arrangement, more multi-media necklaces and a few rings here and there!
See you soon!

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