Monday, October 4, 2010

Wrenching Life

Today has been a good day, which is a happy continuation of a good weekend! There has been the kind of busy-ness that I like best-that of mixed tasks. I was able to spend time outdoors, clearing out a little part of a storage shed close to the house. This is now where my bucket weights for the outdoor tent I take to shows live! It felt good to clear out and clean up even just a little corner of the shed, especially working in the sunshine of the day. And, of course, one of our outdoor cats was 'helping' me the whole time.... she was a diligent escort as she made certain that she was everywhere I wanted to walk during the clean-up. And, she fiercely defended me against the 2-wheeled steel monster that *clearly* was devouring each bucket weight and had me next on it's menu! (2-wheeled steel monster=2 wheeled hand cart I used to haul the buckets over to the shed) least until the rays of sunshine distracted her from her mission *grin*

This was a welcome break from most of my other accomplishments, which are generally done indoors. They include scheduling appointments, researching shows and all manner of communication for upcoming plots and plans!

I've noticed that a great many of my friends are in their own stage(s) of cleaning, clearing out and generally carving out a life that works better for them, in parallel with me today!
So, in honor of that combination of old and new, and the wrenching and fine-tuning of life, I present these two new creations to you!

Ancient Faiths Wake at Midnight

The charms dangling down are reproductions of the old Celtic crosses in a rich copper! I love how the copper lends vibrant color to the texture of the age-old Celtic knotwork and cross design!

Painting with Words

See the wrench, leaf, diary and rainbow-colored glass heart? I love the unusual and intriguing mix of dangly charms!


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