Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday is for Whimsy!

I have two new pairs of earrings to share with you that have had me giggling all morning!
I have a busy day ahead of me and look to carry this laughter and warmth with me through all the errands and travel of the day.
I paired a recently received wonderful dog charm with a bone dangle that I've had a little while now. Because, really, what does a dog love best (besides their human) besides a good bone? I find it interesting that the bone charm is "hollow", meaning it is a stamped-metal piece rather than fully-cast and three-dimensional, just like real bones!
And just in case the pup gets bored with the bone, it is suspended below a little ball of a bead. These earrings are full of playfulness and endearing charm!

Title: Give A Dog A Bone
Ingredients: cat's eye beads, glass, lead-free pewter, metal, plated silver surgical steel earwires.

The second pair has sparked a song to roll around in my head for much of the morning!
The inspiration for these earrings are roller skating in the 80's..when the height of roller skating fashion was custom skates with pom-poms for the ladies! Of course, I had to have my own twist on that fashion, so....I had roller skate charms and when my eyes fell upon the squishy-spikey intensely-rainbowed (I'm sure those are actual words!) beads, I knew the earrings HAD to be born! And Lo! Roller skating by INXS popped into my head!
I hope you are as amused by these as I am!
Title: Rollerskating!
Ingredients: Silicone rubber beads, Czech glass, metal, plated silver surgical steel earwires.

And now, for your listening enjoyment, I've found a live version of INXS's Roller Skating!
*disclaimer: While it does seem everything can be found on YouTube and I am indebted to them to be able to share this, the original album version had a much more happily frenetic vibe to it. Still, I think you get the gist of this!*

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