Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Hello All!!
This post may actually serve double-duty for both Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday! It all depends on how the home improvements flow through to completion during the latter part of this week. Important distraction this, as I have a home studio that is mostly packed-up right now!
So, I may have a creation for you on Friday.. I may not.. you'll just have to stay tuned!

As luck would have it, the necklace creation that is to be posted for your viewing pleasure fits the bill for both whimsy and finished piece.
This necklace is all about snails and the wonderfully complex (and sometimes slimy) depths of the ocean. The colors of the vintage Czech glass beads are reminiscent of the colors one might find when exploring shipwrecks.. where things are delightfully muddy, silty and slimy... which brings me to the snails (and the dolphin for the clasp, actually). Snails are irrevocably connected with slime and the ocean in my mind. Dolphins definitely leap to mind (Ha! See the pun?) when pondering the ocean.. so it seemed natural to mix all of these. As a final amusing twist, with the exception of the snails themselves (which are base metal) and the glass 'jewels', the entire necklace is comprised of precious metals (14K gold chain, gold filled wire and a vermeil clasp)! So, it is a precious treasure these snails move amongst!

This necklace has been growing (or in the making) for a few years... which brings me to the title
"A Snail's Pace"... which is absolutely the timeline this piece followed.

Here it is!

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