Friday, January 28, 2011

Fini Friday!

Today has not gone according to plan and so there is a bit of frustration in the air right now. I've restrung this necklace a few times now, run into other complications and now have other preparations to make and plots and plans to carry out. So I'll show you what I've completed so far and invoke my artist's right to leave this project here for now!

This is a necklace creation that has lain dormant for many years. It is a simple piece, folksy and elegant, and filled semi-precious gemstone treasures! It merely waited for a few additional touches, such as spacer beads and clasp. However, I'm finding that the thin cable needed to successfully string those tiny tiny holes in the sunstone (yup! those shiny, warmly-toned little round beads) has run a bit short and I have no more in stock at the moment. So, I'm declaring this Fini Friday a mixed success. I like the improved design, but the creation is not yet finished.

And here it is, with the working title: the FiniFriday Cats.

Cheers and Hopes for a Fabulous Weekend!

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