Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

This Wednesday was a bit different from the others so far as it is very much an improvisation! I like improvisation and love mixing materials so as to create something completely different.. especially if that involves using the materials in ways they weren't designed for! That aside, my studio has been disrupted for a little less than a week as wiring was run through the house and we waited for the green light from the powers-that-be to continue on to the next phase. I'm happy to say that we received that nod yesterday! Between that and preparations for filing taxes, my life has been busy! These activities don't necessarily lend themselves to whimsy or creativity in the traditional sense, though I have been enjoying the "blank slate" of my desk and etc. that the construction necessitated. It has given me the opportunity to really look at what and how I use everything from files and information to material arrangements and bead organization. I'll likely natter on a bit about this in future blogs as the thought of having a more organized studio that works *with* and *for* me (see also reducing stress and creating a more fun atmosphere) makes my heart sing! Also, if what I have to say here helps any of you-all with creating a bit of the life you want then everybody wins!

OK! Onward to the Whimsy for Goodness Sake!
Speaking of hearts singing...this necklace creation's focal incorporates a hand-crafted furnace glass heart and a lion so happily satisfied you can almost *hear* him purr! Throw in a compass and a few Hershey's kisses dangling from recycled links and chain (Upcycled, if you will) and this is what you have!

First photo is of the 'raw materials'. I thought it might be fun for you-all to see how the various components started out!

I loved the stained-glass effect of the Lion keychain and that seem to pair naturally with the beautifully vibrant furnace glass heart and the warm textures of the upcycled acrylic belt links.

And here is the finished creation:
Title: LionHearted

I wanted this necklace to echo the elegance of the Lion and Heart but also infuse a little bit of punk, color and whimsy; so I wove the colored jumprings in here and there throughout the creation.

And the final touches of whimsy...See the clasp? The Cat and Mouse? Isn't that awesome???! And, of course, one more Hershey's kiss charm! Having too much chocolate doesn't really figure into my worldview *grin*.

One more photo of that most excellent lion and all the fabulous colors and textures of this warm, intriguing creation!


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