Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whimsy Wednesdays!

Last Wednesday was such fun and the idea for these earrings struck last night when I was thinking of sunflowers (why, I have no idea!), so I've decided to make this a weekly post!
I love these vintage German glass beads so! They remind me of the warm glow of the summer sun!
I immediately thought of the title Sun-Flowers and of suspending little flowers below the sun-bead. I love the idea of motion in my creations and like to include that whenever I can. I really wanted to add my own signature to this idea, since it is a fairly straight-forward design. It seemed natural to infuse some color into the wiring around each of the beads and I chose the green of lush grass to surround the flower and the vivid blue of a warm summer sky to wrap the "sun". Different gauges of wire added an additional twist (see the pun?) to the creation and I'm quite pleased with the result!

Title: Sun-Flowers
Ingredients: vintage German and Czech glass, copper wire (USA), plated silver surgical steel earwires

Ooo!OOoo!! I forgot to mention! Did you see that the flower beads are "reversible"??
Yes!! So, you can simply turn them to the shiny side or the blue side depending on your mood! Isn't that fabulous?!

OK.. now back to the regularly scheduled blog post *grin*
I set about to repurpose a pair of earrings that featured the more traditional sunflowers into another creation for the juxtaposition of classic sunflower to the Sun-Flowers you see above, but, alas, technical difficulties abound!
So! Here we are!
I hope you find these earrings as charming as I do!

As an aside: As I was contemplating this blog entry, the song, "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears popped into my head (particularly the portion of the lyrics with sunflower mentioned)!
Here is the link to that song so you can listen to it and reflect (ha! reflect! see the pun?) on warmth and all things growing during this chilly season.


  1. Beautiful post Amy!

    I like being a sort-of witness to your creative process

    ...and I love that Tears for Fears song :)

  2. Beautiful Earrings, thanks for taking us through your process of creating them!

  3. Katie: Thank you!! I'm happy to have it read by you! Yeah, the creative process is mostly fun with a few snafus and adjustments thrown in for growth, I think! *grin*

    Northern Lightworker: Ah, Thanks!!! You are welcome! Thanks for reading!!!