Friday, May 6, 2011

Fini Friday!

A little later than usual, but here is the Fini Friday post!!!

I can show you this now as the partner to this Creation should have received this and might even be wearing it as I type this!!!

This is a Custom Creation for a very special gal as a Graduation present!!!
She requested an Ouroboros .. which is a snake biting it's own tail. This symbol is said to represent infinity, and the never-ending cycle of life.

Here it is:
Title: Ouroboros: More Than Meets the Eye
Ingredients: Czech-pressed glass, Memory Wire, Copper Wire.

See how the clasp was created so that the snake would look like it's biting it's tail? I bent the Memory Wire at an angle so that it would hook over the body just before the tail section, and then wrapped it with red copper wire because, really, I loved the whimsy of representing a snake sticking it's tongue out!
The mixture of textures and patterns in the snake are subtle details and reinforce the "more than meets the eye" intention as does the whimsical tongue-clasp.

So that's it for Fini Friday!!!
I'll see you next Wednesday!!

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