Friday, May 27, 2011

Fini Friday!

Hello Hello!!!!

I've been out and about most of the day running errands and collecting nifty things along the way!!!
While what I'm mentioning here is not strictly finishing creations, I did bring home materials and tools to help me finish some, start others and help make others looks pretty in photos!
Speaking of photos.... let me show you what I mean!

Isn't that an intriguing little cache of objects?
Let's progress from left to right on our tour.
On the left is a small tray with a mirror for the bottom. This will most likely be used for displays at shows, possibly also for creation photo ops!

A tiny cabinet is next up, with a few shinies spilling out from each drawer. The chain and flowers I will use for future creations. Indeed, already I have a few ideas! The tiny cabinet can be sanded and painted or stained and I've a few ideas for using it as a display, but also as a creation itself! Perhaps a few Faerie treasures in it .... hmmmmm... we'll have to see what happens next!!!

We continue on to a block of alphabet stamps. I plan to experiment with these both with images on paper and in clay!

The silvery "C" shape you see is actually a bracelet form! One of the balls unscrews and so larger-holed beads can be popped onto the metal and then secured by screwing the ball back onto the form. I'll have to see what I have in my oodles of beads for those with larger holes! This will be fun!

And lastly, the wonderful leafy and scroll-with-flower backgrounds you see will likely be used to help with creation photo ops... but you never know where gorgeous textures like these will pop up around here!

So, there we have it!! A fabulous start to a long holiday weekend says I!!!
Have an amazing weekend and wonderous holiday!

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