Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fini Friday!

Hello Everyone!!!

I have new nifty shinies to show you today!!!
Do you remember when I won the Rings & Things drawing for brushed copper beads?

I've experiments to show you using some of those beads!
I hand-coloured resin and painted it on two pairs of those beads. The first pair were used as a brilliantly-coloured focal in the earrings you see below...

Title: Fire Tribe
Ingredients: Hand-coloured resin on copper, lead-free pewter, base metal, surgical steel earwires

I wanted to experiment with a bright opaque colour and this red is just sizzling!

The second bead pair were more round and flat and I wanted to use the coloured resin like a glaze slip on ceramic. So, I mixed in some blue/green/glitter pigment and painted it on!

As you can see below, this particular pigment didn't really show up against the copper. I do love how the resin drips down on what was then the underside of the bead and pooled to hard there. So! I decided to incorporate that into my design!
And Voila!

Title: Space Age Faerie
Ingredients: Hand-coloured resin on copper, Czech glass, sterling silver.

Teaming the hand-coloured beads with similar flat, iridescent rondelles, a textured-look star and dangling from a sleek circle gave these earrings a very modern look, while tying in the pooled resin artifact stunningly well!

And now I'm loading up and loading out to head down to the Waterbury Building in NE Mpls (MN, USA) for the Art-A-Whirl ! Stop on by and see me if you're in the area!!

Legalese: I have received the following products free of charge from and I am honestly reviewing them. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received: all brushed copper beads pictured above.


  1. How cool!! I love this idea, resin on copper!! Major compliments on your experiment!!

    :) from Dave at Rings & Things,
    where you can also review our beads for a chance at a prize every month

  2. Gosh, THANKS DAVE!!! I'm so happy it turned out so well!!

  3. You recently mentioned using a hand-colored sparkly resin in a jewelry project involving brushed copper beads. What is this resin, how does one customize it, and how is it applied? Is the resin a fairly tenacious, permanent coating? I love your creations. Thanks for your help. ;o)

  4. Max,
    Thank you for the compliment!

    The resin I favor is ICE resin, since it is non-toxic, jeweler's grade and is not water-based so it won't be damaged in the shower, heavy rain, etc.
    ICE resin can be customized by using powdered pigments, alcohol inks, glitter, any just about anything else you can use with a resin that is a thick liquid. Once dry, you can sand and thereby somewhat sculpt it, layer and so forth. It is applied by pouring and painting, primarily. It is fairly tenacious and tends to be self-healing (to a point), which I love.
    For more information about the resin, visit :
    Fusion Beads has a nice selection of tutorials on how to play with the resin. I would start here:
    Feel free to play with all the resins out there to discover which one(s) you prefer and have fun!

  5. Thank you so much for your information about the Ice Resin and how to use it. Also, I appreciate the reference to Fusion Beads for tutorials. Your guidance is much needed and appreciated. ;o)

  6. Hey Max!
    You are welcome! Have fun with the resins!! There are a few on the market now... Diamond Glaze, Castin' Craft and so forth so have fun playing with each one and seeing which works well for whatever project your creating!