Friday, December 30, 2011

Fini Friday! Studio ReOrg!

Hello Everyone!!
I hope this blog post finds you well and preparing to celebrate the ending and beginning of a year! That's what I'm doing! This post is about sharing a bit of studio life. One of the things I'm doing during these winter months and also as a clearing out and creating a-new is re-organizing the studio in little waves and baby steps. I began with just noticing what is irritating or just not working enough so that it saps my creative juices. I think there is always more of those than anyone cares to admit *grin*, especially since I tend to make a bit of a mess while I create! Next was looking around at what I have and pondering how those things are working for me... how they might work better.... how they might need to be moved out and so forth. After mulling over good ideas and suggestions from a trusted partner, I've made some changes!

I wanted a space that works for me, but also includes a new accoutrement (dolphin plasma lamp!!!!!) I picked up (click here if you're uncertain what I'm talking about...) recently.

This is one side of the space behind my desk and the reorganization is done (for now). This is where most of my tools that I use less often reside. These include my doming set, my Dremel (and bits), tools for polymer clay, paints and so on. You can see reference materials underneath including trade catalogs and that fabulous dolphin lamp just off to the side! A scanner is just on the edge there, with my Nerf gun and ammo (of course!) within easy reach!

This is the table directly behind my desk and is in mid-reorg! This will be an additional work/creation space. Most of what you see here are various beads and materials waiting to be sorted into their homes or into their next creation.
I've hardly ever had a problem with ideas for creations, so my re-organizing and much of my studio processes are focused on smoothly sorting and storing creations and materials in various stages of completion. This is to encourage me to move these bits of art along the continuum to finished, whether finished is declared when the creation is complete, when it is farther along, yet awaiting a few final embellishments or (far more rarely), when it is time to let an idea go and recapture the materials into other creations.

Which provides a fabulous segue to the final photo!

These are what I've dubbed my Creation Cabinets! All of the creations in their various stages of done-ness either are or will be in these soon. I'll have them labelled and will literally move them up from the bottom in terms of priority, which will include how-close-are-they-to-done status.
So! There you have it, a quick romp around the studio with a little bit of what-I'm-up-to thrown in for good measure!

However you celebrate the coming of a new year, Have Fun! Be Safe!
See you in the New Year!


  1. Good for you! I recently did the same thing - realizing I had quite a few things not working for me in my scant closet space. I cleaned things out, cleaned it up, and organized everything and now feel calmer where I used to be annoyed. And it only took part of a day! I hope you have a fabulous new year - I love my necklaces that you made thanks so much!

  2. Have a creative 2012. Happy New year!

  3. Hey Julie!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your input! Yes!! That is the goal!! Feeling calmer and more able to get things done (because I AM more able to get things done) because things are more organized. Annoyance takes away some much time and energy! You have yourself an awesome New Year as well!! I'm so glad you love your creations!!! That feels so good to hear!!

  4. Hey Sharon!!! Thanks!!! I hope 2012 is a fantabulous year for you, too!!!! Woohoo!!!