Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Faeries, A Plasma Lamp and Walkabout!

Hello Everyone!
I took a little time to go on Walkabout today and collected some nifty things along the way! I trust you'll see the whimsy towards the bottom of this post, if not before! Let's start with a photo of some of my findings and I'll explain from there!

I loved the wonderfully warm colour of this bracelet and intend to weave wire (and perhaps other things!) through it to embellish it and make it truly a Sprite Creation! The green basket you see the two pairs of earrings suspended from is another object that I acquired today! I think it is a fabulously fairie accent and hope to use it much more for the purpose of that which you see here! A display!!!
Let me take a moment here to note that the pair of earrings on the left are titled "Fairy Cloak", whilst the ones on the right are "A Window Into A Fire Sprite's World" and both are conveniently available for adoption in my Etsy shoppe! Shiny!

The second photo is the plasma lamp alluded to in this blog entry's title! It is in the shape of a dolphin and I intend to place it in my studio! The timing on this find is perfect as I'm intending to use these winter months to re-envision and re-organize my studio and I'm sensing that the overall theme growing into fruition will be "Faerie Mad-Scientist Lab/Studio"!

Isn't that just awesome??? Woohooo!!!!
So!! I'll see you on Friday, yes? YES!

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