Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Mobile Studio!!

Hello Everyone!!!
I have some fun things to share with you today! I was out and about on Walkabout today and decided to spend some time at a local coffee shop with my mobile studio! There was both computer and adornment creation "work" to be done and so I packed both, figuring I could switch from one to the other as mood and inspiration decided. I'm so pleased with a thrift store find that I used for the first time and on this adventure!! I'm not sure what it was designed for.. though my guess is perhaps a sample or printer/toner business bag, since it has oodles of pockets and pouches and zippers and combination locks and handles on 2 sides and etc. It was definitely made to be durable and I love the telescoping handle and rugged wheels! It fit all of my mobile studio accoutrements plus my computer, files, pens and etc.! YAY!
Ok... enough with geeking out about the perfect bag/tool.. I'll just show you what it looks like!

And here is my mobile office, where I set-up shop for a good portion of the day....

Please note the lovely, lovely sunshine!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!
I accomplished much during my hours in that comfy chair in the aforementioned sunlight and it was a good day! ... Especially since Chai tea was involved!

And now, to finish off this post, let me show you my latest, newest completed creation!!

Title: Gita's Jewels
Ingredients: hand-painted with hand-coloured resin (Non-toxic) elephants (lead-free pewter ((USA)), Czech glass, German silver wire, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic, silver-plated).

I've been playing with hand-colouring resin and painting it on various objects and I'm so pleased that these turned out so well!!! I love the subtle match of the resin colouring the elephant's adornments with the centre colour of the glass "jewel" beads!

Before I leave you until Fini Friday, remember my final show for this year is The Women's Art Festival!

And there is one more
BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!

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