Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! Postcards From the Studio...

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
This post is a slight interruption of the norm as I've decided to show you whimsical things from the past weekend and ideas still growing!

This is a photo of me at the Spring Psychic Faire this past weekend!  I've my cards and chocolates all ready for the readings!  My spot for the day was in the Sanctuary and so I was surrounded by stained glass, graceful, tall ceilings, and lovely soft lighting!  Beautiful! 
My vision for this booth is the same as my booth at Art Shows.  I want folks to feel as if they are stepping into a Faerie Glen!  I love the star and moon sarong and use that as a table covering over navy blue velvet!  A table that is comfortable both to sit at and touch is a plus in my book!  You'll see greenery and little fairy lights peeking out here and there on my table to complete the vision!

This next idea is in the growing stages!  I procured some gaming dice and have had so much fun thinking of ways to create jewellry with them(preferably still removable and functional)!  One of many experiments I'm involved with, with them, is using filigree to contain them!
Here are the first stages of growth! 
Who knows where this will go from here?!!!

So there you have it!
The conclusion of this Whimsy Wednesday!
Stay tuned to see what grows up by Fini Friday!

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