Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Things to Play With!

I've had a pretty busy weekend and week so far with an unexpected development early last week. The mother of my best friend from college passed away suddenly early last week. I was able to arrange to be at the funeral proceedings last Friday, which took place in Red Wing, MN. I arrived in Red Wing with enough time for a brief visit some of the old pottery factories and antique shops. Here are some pictures of the Shinies! I came home with!

And a closer look at that fabulous medallion!

I think those buttons will make sweet little rings and that medallion has ideas swirling in the back of my mind!

The shell dish that you see is something I picked up over the weekend. I think it will make a great display for rings, pendants, earcuffs... whatever!
Stay tuned to see what grows out of all of this!

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