Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday!

And here we are at Wednesday again!
As I will be away for an extended weekend/mini-vacation on Friday, this post will double as a Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday!
A little bit of news before we get started: I procured a set of tools and toolkit over the weekend to work in a new medium! I'd actually been interested in working in this medium for quite a while and when a good friend took up working with it recently, I decided to dive right in! Watch for more details and photos as I develop the skills to work with the materials!

Onward to the Whimsy!
I have several pairs of earrings to show you today...most are whimsical... some are both whimsical and serious and all are very unique.
The first pair were created with Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday in mind as I've had the focal beads languishing in my bead drawer for some time.
The rest are my offerings and inspirations surrounding Valentine's Day.

Titled: Atlantis Laboratory II
What happens when Altanteans meet Steampunk? Seeking an Altantean Mad Scientist in his native Laboratory? Look no further than these earrings!

The glass beads always remind me of some curious concoction bubbling and brewing in an unusual container... that might be found in a Mad Scientist's Lab! There are old watch parts that move and spin, keys to doors, cabinets and who-knows-what, bright flashes of color and, of course, fish! After all, Atlantis is a very water-based culture!

On to the Valentines!
I love the sparkle of Swarovski crystal and these hearts are so very fun!!! The first two earring pairs combine Red Magma hearts with shiny silver and gritty metal tones. I love the fire of that Red Magma color and the sentiment that a fiery heart inspires because it is so different from most of what is touted as traditional heart colors and concepts.
Title: Heart-Wrenching
While this title may sound depressing, I wanted to point out that the wrenching used in the earrings (and to complete the pun) are adjustable! With the gritty metal tone that offsets those fiery hearts, these earrings are unapologetic about the real-life concept they humorously present, while also wisely pointing out that we are free to adjust our lives and hearts as will suit us best. We are all, after all, works in progress.

Title: The Mechanics of the Heart
Old watch parts, a spanner and Swarovski crystal! Not a combination for the faint of heart! This is suitable for Steampunk, Boxcar or just plain Awesome Individualism! The synthetic garnets in the old watch parts mirror the undertones of the Red Magma colour and these earrings present a very interesting tableau for the imagination!

And last, we have a deceptively simple pair of earrings.
Pathways of the Heart

And since French is reputed to be the language of Love, I will leave you with this...
Au Revoir !

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