Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

What a beautiful day this is in my neck of the woods!!!!! I hope the same for you-all!
Today is Whimsy Wednesday and I have lots of fun things to share with you!

I've two pairs of earring creations to show off, fun bits of brushed copper beads to play with and links to some lucky folks who've won March goodie bags from Rings & Things!
How's that for a preface?!
Now, let's dive into the good stuff!

Here is the first of the two earring creations I mentioned earlier.
Title: Easter and the Old Ways
Ingredients: Czech-pressed glass, Bali and Sterling Silver, lead-free pewter bunnies.

Based on myth and legend, Easter is a Springtime celebration that began long before Christianity. Though there is little literary evidence, this holiday is connected with Ostara or Eostere. A goddess of Springtime, Dawn and the East, she is often associated with bunnies and fertility, for obvious reasons! You can find more information here.
These purple Moon and Star beads remind me of ancient symbols carve into fanciful stone and illuminated by moonlight...pairing these with a delightful bunny charm and finishing with little details like the star-shaped Bali Silver spacers... I imagined that these earrings could represent an ancient prayer for the return of Spring!
Where is the whimsy in such a serious inspiration? The bunnies, of course!!! How could anyone resist that one charming ear that flops enchantingly askew?

Onward to the next creation!
These have really nothing to do with spring except beautiful pastel pink colors and perhaps a rebirth by retail therapy..? You decide!
Title: Modern Woman
Ingredients: Faceted glass rondelles, Czech glass, metal charms, sterling silver.

Seriously, though I don't usually work with pastels, I was delighted to match the high-heel shoe with the whimsical, feminine purse and beautifully coordinated both with the delightfully-faceted, strong yet gentle pink colours you see above.

And now for a peek into some of what I'll be playing with in the month of April!

Rings and Things has graciously sent me loot(!), a portion of which you see above, as part of their Brushed Copper Beads Design Challenge!
I have ideas for these beads.. including some playing in the studio with coloured resin, dapping, perhaps firing up a torch.. who knows!!!
I have design ideas already.. so look up that blog link often to see what myself and the other fabulous artists create!!!

As we draw this edition of Whimsy Wednesday to a close, I want to take a moment to Congratulate! and link to the winners of another Rings and Things Contest!
The lucky folks you see below have won a bag of goodies for the month of March! I'm excited to see what they create with their loot! Inspiring, being inspired by others and spreading the inspiration-love is very important to me so I'm pleased to participate in this!
Congratulations to......
1. Debbie St George
2. Julia Benson-Slaughter
3. Jan Baxter
4. Jenny Stark
5. Penny Illemszky
6. Wella Cornelis
7. Jeannie Dukic
8. Dee Gordon
9. Chris Jackman
10. Kassie Inman

Legalese: I have received the following products free of charge from and I am honestly reviewing them. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received: all brushed copper beads pictured above.


  1. Hello,

    Good luck with your design!
    I wasnt aware that "Rings and Things" offered that. How cool!
    Anyways your designs are very nice, so I am sure whatever you make will be outstanding, I a looking forward to seeing it :)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Hello Cathy!
    Thank you so much for the compliments! They are very much appreciated!
    Hmmm....I'll have to make sure I post something on my blog when Rings and Things offers more of these - then we can all share in the beady-goodness!

    I look forward to showing you what grows up!!!
    You have a fabulous weekend, too!!!
    Thank you!