Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Summer feels like it has finally arrived, just in time for the first day of June! YAYAY!
To celebrate the season of warmth, fun and sun I've two new creations to show off!
You might recall when I won the Rings & Things drawing for brushed copper beads... and I've been busy creating more with them!!

A water theme flows through both of these creations, so let's ease into the pool of creativity gently, eh?
First, a pair of earrings....
Title: Waterfall
Ingredients: brushed copper beads, Czech glass, permanently-coated copper wire, niobium earwires.

I loved playing with the wire to create a "messy" or perhaps "organic" feel throughout the creation!

The second creation requires a little explanation as we wade deeper into our pool. While the brushed copper was left alone to shine in all of their natural glory in the creation above, I again painted the copper with hand-coloured resin.

Below you'll see the copper "spool" with the three other items that were enlivened with the sparkly resin.

Let's take the final plunge and see what the big splash is all about, shall we?
I was determined to use the spool-like copper bead as a clasp and what matches brushed copper better than ... more copper? I shaped 16 gauge copper wire and then work-hardened it by mashing it between my hammer and anvil! (That was fun! Heehehehehee!) and then set about stringing, wire-wrapping and so forth to create what you see below...
Title: A Mermaid's Tale (Do you see the pun?!)
Ingredients: hand-painted with hand-coloured resin brushed copper and metal mermaid and starfish, amber, Czech glass, vintage shell boot button, metal, acrylic, hand-wrought copper clasp, lead-free pewter, yarn, aluminum, hand-finished brass filigree, thread.

Actually, there are a few puns here.. there is the play-on-words with the Mermaid's Tail/Tale and there is the pun of a tale also known as a yarn...which is one of the main ingredients of this creation! And! by tying the yarn to the hand-coloured copper bead, the creation reminds us yet more of yarn being unwound from a skein or spool!

The idea of this creation is to follow the journey of the mermaid via the little trinkets and charms that we see on the necklace... where has she been and what has she seen that involved a cat, a fairy, a bit of amber, a roller skate!?, a mysterious Carnival mask and more? !

So, there we have it!! I'm hoping for a wave of appreciation on this creation and this post..perhaps enough to be swamped, but hopefully not cape-sized!
Ok.. I'll tie this up for now and wish you-all calm seas and fair winds!

Legalese: I have received the following products free of charge from and I am honestly reviewing them. I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received: all brushed copper beads pictured above.


  1. Nicely done again, Sprite! I couldn't resist sharing this on Facebook. Love the bead=>clasp!!

    --Dave at Rings & Things,
    where we're fixing to send more copper beads out to our bead shows on the East Coast
    ...request your invitation!

  2. love those earrings!! the clasp works perfectly with that necklace! nice :D

  3. Dave,
    Ooo!! I'll flit over to Facebook and take a peek! Thank you!! Yes!! I'm so happy that clasp came out so well!!

    Thank you! I just love the deep, vibrant colors with the brushed copper! And Thank You regarding the clasp!! I'm so happy it turned out so well!!

  4. Dave,
    could you post the URL to that Facebook page here or email it to me? I'd love to see it, "like" it and share!! :D