Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fini Friday! On Sunday!

Hello Everyone!!!
Thanks for checking back with me on the weekend!

So! I have three beautiful necklace creations to show you today!!!
All of these use focals that have been with me for a while and the first two creations you see were already mostly designed when I purchased all the materials.. they were just wanting the final fiddly-bits and the proper time/my confidence to finish!

And here we go!
Title: Elegance is Never Simple
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal, metal

Title: CrossRoads
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals, copper, metal.

The third necklace creation is inspired in part by the chain-maille diamond "net" you'll see below. This portion was created by a retired chain-maille artist friend and came to me with the remainder of her work when she decided to truly hang up her pliers. I nestled the Swarovski diamond into that chain-maille piece and wove it all with some basic chain-link connections. A little bit of softness and an organic feel was added by threading hand-dyed fiber through chocolate-coloured wire mesh ribbon. A perfect ending to an unusual creation was found in the diamond-shaped silver clasp!
Title: Cast Wide Your Net...
Ingredients: hand-crafted chain-maille (USA), Swarovski crystal, hand-dyed fiber (USA), lead-free pewter(USA), Sterling Silver, wire mesh ribbon, metal.

I'm so pleased with how lovely these are and that they are now completed and ready to be adopted!
It feels so good to be able to reclaim that energy and move on to other creations!

So now... go out and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
See you Wednesday!

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