Friday, June 3, 2011

Fini Friday!

Hey There!
We're at Friday!! This was a short week for many due to Memorial Day and so it was with me! I crammed a lot into this week, but I still feel like I could use one more day for creating!

I've some very simple yet beautiful necklaces to show you today!
I hand-picked the glass focal pendants at a trade show some years ago and so they have languished, waiting for me to complete creations with them. There were a total of three pendants that came home with me that trip and I've two finished necklaces to show you. The third is still in the works and I'll show you that next week!

I wanted to keep these necklaces spare and the design clean so as to show off the pendants, yet still have enough detail to satisfy my criteria as a one-of-a-kind Sprite Creation.

Title: Woodland Treasure
Ingredients: Glass pendant, hand-dyed fiber (USA), hand-finished brass filigree, copper-plated, lead-free pewter (USA), thread.
First, a shot of that lovely focal, with special attention to the sparkly!!!!

And then the entire creation!

It's the little details like the beautiful twisting pattern to the bigger jumprings to which the clasp fastens, the hand-finished brass filigree wrapped around that fabulously vibrant hand-dyed fiber and the patterned clasp that accents the pattern of the glittery gold bits in the pendant that make all the difference to me as I create.

Title: Water As Gold
Ingredients: Glass pendant, aluminum chain, recycled metal chain, lead-free pewter.
The Pendant - which is two-sided!
Side 1:

Side 2:

The clasp:

And all together now!

I really wanted to keep the option for this necklace to be reversible, since the focal pendant is wonderfully textured and lovely on both sides. Keeping the modern, clean lines while playing with textures were a priority for me with this creation and I was happy to use the anodized aluminum chain you see here as that, too, has been languorously biding it's time in my studio for some years!

There you have it! Another Fini Friday...well.. Fini!!!
See you next week!!

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