Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!!

I can't believe we are at Wednesday already!!! I am happy to say that our mini-heat wave is over and we are back down to mid-70 degrees (fahrenheit) for our high temperatures! Whew!!! I'm a fan of open windows and fresh air much more than air-conditioned air!

I've gathered materials and am busy on several creations that will be shown at CONvergence Art Show! I'm really excited about these projects they give me an opportunity to stretch my creativity!
I have the first of the creations to show you today!!!
I think the whimsy will become obvious when you see it!

Title: Rebel With A Cause
Ingredients: Repurposed Die Cast Metal Millenium Falcon, thrust needle bearing, roller bearing, repurposed clock part, repurposed chain, permanently coated copper wire (USA), anodized aluminum, lead-free pewter.

And a close-up on that fabulous ship!!


The ship is copyrighted 1996 and, of course, all rights are reserved by LucasFilm Ltd. and Galoob Micro Machines.

Is this not made of Awesome and Win?
Yes!! The antenna dish and laser cannon on the top of the ship and the laser cannon on the underside of the ship are moveable!! The ship rests on it's permanently engaged landing claws, which are coated with rubber and actually quite stable and comfortable.

Hee!! I had a lot of fun imagining how I would suspend the ship and what I would do with it and now it is finished!!!!
See you on Friday!!!

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