Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fini Friday Loot Photos!

Here you are-checking back in with me on this beautiful Sunday afternoon! Thanks for stopping by!
I have photos of loot to show you!!

The above is a over-view of the goodies! Much of it is fiber.. ribbons and lace and sequins, oh my! However, you can see a few nifty toggle clasps on the right-hand side there as well as some of my new photo-display backgrounds that lay underneath it all!
I love the colours and patterns of those backgrounds and feel they will add interest and beauty to my creation photos.
I'm thinking of playing with a bit of pigmented resin on the clasps as well as creating a multi-layered necklace with the flower-shaped sequin ribbon and the antiqued lace that lay twined together near the middle of the photo.
Here is a close-up of those clasps and of much of the loot.

The white and multi-coloured sequin ribbon in the middle is actually a bit stretchy and that seems to be slated for bracelets or perhaps a choker...
And the black ribbon with grommets definitely evokes some sort of punky/Halloween inspiration!

So there you are! A peek into the inspiration and beginning side of creating for me!
Check back here often to see what they grow into!
Bye for now!

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